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Yoona SNSD Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Yoona SNSD Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Asian people seem to be familiar with SNSD. It is a girl band from South Korea having some beautiful girls with bright skin and pretty voice. It is obviously usual if most people and actresses in Korea have some works done making their appearance new including all members of SNSD or girl’s generation. Im Yoon Ah or best known with Yoona as a member of SNSD is being reported having a beauty enhancement surgery. By looking at Yoona SNSD Plastic surgery before and after photos, people can see the differences between them. Although just a little bit, she has some unusual changes on her latest appearance.

Did Yoona SNSD Have Plastic Surgery?

Yoona SNSD Nose Job Before and After Photos

Judging by before and after photos comparison, some people think that she possibly has got jawline surgery and a nose job to improve her image. The suspicion of Yoona SNSD cosmetic surgery began when some people found her latest appearance with different nose shape. Now, the tip of her nose seems tweaked, with smaller look and more pitched than she used to. In addition, some people consider that the Korean singer does not only have rhinoplasty surgery, but she also apparently has got jawline surgery. Let’s see and compare her jawline before and after, her chin has been smaller making her image more attractive and more appealing. Some people are surprised knowing the rapper, TV presenter, promotional model, actress, singer, and dancer has gone under the knife. Some plastic surgeons think that she has obviously used slight surgical procedures improving her beauty subtly. So, that is no wonder if her beauty and talent has led her become one of the most beautiful faces list of annual independent critics. However, if she has really been under knife, it has to be noted that Yoona is not the only one Korean celebrities who is suspected getting some works done to enhance her appearance. There are many actresses from South Korean have been rumored to have some plastic surgery procedures as well like Kim Ah Joong, Yoon Eun Hye, and even her mate in SNSD, Kim Tae-yeon. If you are still curious how many Korean celebrities who reportedly have gone under knife, you can see our Asian plastic surgery posts.

As famous actress, she absolutely has many fans from many countries adoring her appearance and her performance. She has hypnotized many people with her beautiful appearance. But, do people believe and realize that she has had some works done? Or they disagree with the rumors and believe that Yoona has a natural beauty like other ordinary women. Although before and after photos comparisons have a little bit differences, some experts believe that she has gone to professional surgeon making her jaw line smaller and her nose thinner. Whatever people say, she looks much more beautiful and we believe that her fans adore her so much because of not only her beauty, but her performance and voice as well.