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Vladimir Putin Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Vladimir Putin Plastic Surgery Before and After

This time being elderly people is no longer busy with the affairs of the disease because the elderly people are now more sociable, stylish and have a high desire for having youthful appearance. It does not matter if they have to spend much money to make their dream come true, to always look attractive, even though they have to get plastic surgery procedures. The latest news reports that the former of Russia Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, has been under plastic surgeons’ knife to keep his cool and youthful appearance.

Did Vladimir Putin Have Plastic Surgery?

Today, cosmetic surgery is not always dominated by celebrities but other public figures, as well as politician, have the possibilities to become plastic surgeon’s patient. Furthermore, Vladimir Putin before and after photos have been spreading out on the internet, it makes some people more believe if he has really got some surgical procedures like facelift, Botox injections, and eyelid surgery to keep his youthful appearance. The big question is how well those procedures are carried out? Let’s see and compare the following photos comparison.

Vladimir Putin Before and After Plastic Surgery

Based on two compared pictures above, he indeed still looks young even though his age has crossed 61 years old. Generally, 50-year-old-men’s appearance will show some aging signs like wrinkles, saggy skin, and some the excessive skin around the eyes. However if we look at his latest appearance, his face still looks smooth while the eyes still appear fresh as well. Looking at the uncommon fact that belongs to Vladimir, makes us do believe if Vladimir Putin cosmetic surgery rumor is in a fact true. We guess that he has got facelift combined with some filler injection like Botox to eliminate the wrinkles around his face. Meanwhile, his fresh eyes are made through eyelid surgery to remove the hanging eyes bag under and upper his eyes.

Since this plastic surgery rumor has been spreading out widely to the public especially in Russia, some well-known Russian political advisors denied all public suspicions. Nevertheless UK plastic surgeon, Jan Stanek, ensures if the former of Russia prime minister has really been under knife to maintain his youthful and fresh appearance. Unluckily, what he has done made him look strange and bit feminine because of surgical procedures gone wrong especially his brow lift surgery.