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Vanessa Williams Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Vanessa Williams Plastic Surgery Photos

Vanessa Lynn Williams or better known as Vanessa Williams is considered as one of famous American singers, actresses, former fashion models, and also producers. Her name started to steal public attention since she became Miss America in 1983. Everyone agrees that this multi-talented woman is beautiful blessed with great skill in acting. Because of her talents she has bright career in entertainment industry and other subjects. However there is unpleasant news addressed to her, she reportedly has plastic surgery to improve her image. Is that rumor true..? Let’s find the answer below..!

Public suspicions toward Vanessa Williams plastic surgery began to spread out since some people found her with wonderful appearance. They think that it seems to be almost impossible for 50 years old woman has youthful appearance if she does not have some beauty enhancements. From the hypothesis above they believe that this former Miss America has been under surgeon’s knife for some anti aging treatments.

Vanessa Williams Nose Job Before and After

When you look at Vanessa Williams plastic surgery before and after photos, she looks great. She does not seems to be showing too many aging signs like wrinkles, crows’ feet lines, or other frown lines. We guess that she possibly has got some facial filler injections like Botox around her face skin. On the other hand, based on before and after photos above we also found that her cheek still looks full and plumper up, and it does not appear to be saggy. We suppose that she probably has had some filler injection as well or it is possibly as the result of fat grafting. Looking at her nose shape, it apparently has changed as well. Her new nose shape now looks slimmer with smaller nostrils. It is very contradiction to her old nose shape where it looks a bit wide. As we know such nose change is usually obtained through nose job or rhinoplasty surgery.

 When this famous American singer was confirmed to give an official statements regarding to the spreading rumor, Vanessa openly admitted that she indeed has been under plastic surgeon’s knife for routine Botox injection. However when some volunteers of beauty and celebrity magazines asked about the possibilities of having other surgery procedures like nose job and cheek filler, she strongly denied that she has done both of those surgical procedures. She ensured that both of her nose and cheek are still natural without any surgeon’s knife touches.

Over all, Vanessa Williams indeed looks gorgeous and amazing though her age is not young anymore. She still looks 10 years younger than her actual age. But the proudest thing is her courage to admit her plastic surgery even though she does not admit all the surgery procedures that are addressed to her. Good job Vanessa..!

What do you think of Vanessa Williams plastic surgery? Does she look have more surgery procedures beyond Botox injection? Please feel free to share your comments here..!