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Tori Spelling Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Well it looks like these Tori Spelling plastic surgery photos suggest that things didn’t quite go as planned. Like we said in previous posts, plastic surgery has two sides that should be noted by everyone who wants to get aesthetic surgery. Plastic surgery can help improve one’s image but it can also can be disaster for anyone who does it. The latest rumors say that famous actress, Tori Spelling, had some works done and now her appearance looks weird. Previously, everyone admired her beautiful looks, however after getting some surgical procedures done her appearance became worse to the point where it is mostly unrecognizable. How does she look after getting some work done on her appearance?

Tori Spelling Plastic Surgery Before and After

Based on Tori Spelling before and after plastic surgery photos, she clearly looks much different than before. Her appearance now looks worse but we hope it will not ruin her career in the entertainment industry. When she is asked about this news, Tori said that she regrets her decision to get plastic surgery. She added that if she could turn back time, she would think carefully and deeply before doing the aesthetic surgery. She also told the chronicles of her plastic surgery procedures, she firstly tried to make her cup size bigger and fuller through breast implants because she felt insecure with her breast size which looked small. After getting breast augmentation she indeed looked hot and sexy but unfortunately she could not be a perfect mom for her children since she could not breastfeed them because of her implants.

Tori Spelling also said that she did not only have breast implants, but she also had other plastic surgery procedures like a nose job which made her nose looks thinner and sharper. Even though her new nose looks thinner and sharper, she did not feel satisfied with the results because her new nose shape looks unnatural and a bit weird. Furthermore, she also revealed that her face and lips have been injected with some filler injections like Botox and Restylane so that her face now looks frozen, and unnatural as if it does not have any expressions at all. Meanwhile, her lips now look bigger than before.

Tori Spelling Plastic Surgery is not the only bad plastic surgery example, there are still many actresses like Nikki Cox, Jocelyn Wildenstein, and of course there are still many celebrities who have undergone bad plastic surgery as well. some people thought that she does not give deep consideration before going under a surgeon’s knife, however some may be proud of her because she admits frankly that she has had some cosmetic surgery procedures even though the results mostly ruined her appearance.

In short, whatever Tori has done to her appearance is absolutely her right and choice although she felt regret afterward. At least we can take the lessons from her bad plastic surgery experience before we actually decide to have some plastic surgery procedures. What do you think of these Tori Spelling plastic surgery photos?