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Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Before and After

Famous actor Tom Cruise likely cannot be separated from plastic surgery issue. This good looking actor reportedly has some plastic surgery so that he can look in such way. Moreover his age is not young anymore but he can still look amazing, it makes some people more believe that he indeed has some jobs done on his face.

When you look at the before and after photos, he looks like he had a nose job, his face worked on, and other treatments as well. The signs of his rhinoplasty surgery is said to be obvious with the new shape of his nose, it has a pinch to it, a sharper tip and has a higher bridge than it did before. Whereas, he previously had has bit piggy nose with flatter bridge and bigger nostril.

On the other hand, his face also appears to be smoother and tighter though his age is not young anymore. Even it is apparently hard to find the aging signs around his face. It is mostly impossible for men in 50-year-old-age do not have any aging signs if they do not have some works done there. Therefore, public believe that he must have been under surgeon knife to get facelift and some facial filler injection on his face.

Being old likely makes the star of “Mission Impossible” Tom Cruise lost his toned body. It seems his body has some saggy and excess skin, especially around his hip and stomach. As it was told by Dr. Michael Salzhauer, he told that it is possible that he has liposuction to reduce the excess skin around the stomach and hip. His body looks tighter now, looks more toned and better than before.

What do you think about Tom Cruise plastic surgery? Does he look like take a lot of advantages from his surgical procedures? Feel free to share your ideas here!