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Taylor Swift Butt Implants

Taylor Swift butt implants rumor first sparked during the iHeart Radio Awards of 2016. She made an appearance on the red carpet looking all curvy in a black jumpsuit. Her butt looked bigger and this lead many to the conclusion that she had buttock enhancement.

Swift is tiny and doctors suggest that if she did have the butt enhancement, it was through silicone implants. Solid silicone implants are the viable solutions for thin people who want to enhance their butts. However, her bigger butt could also have been the result of Brazilian butt lift or even fat transfer. Others think that it was just butt pads or squats that gave her the new booty. Taylor has been spotted leaving the gym regularly. It is true she could be having more squats than before but the transformation was a quick one.


Big butts seem to be the latest top obsession among celebrities. Many people are going for silicone implants which feel just like muscle gel. There is also the option of fat injections, which is amazing because you get to use your own body fat. These plastic surgery procedures cost between $10,000 and $20,000.

Taylor Swift butt implants left her looking bigger and brisker than ever. Whether the change was natural or though cosmetic surgery, most of her fans totally love the new her.