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Taylor Swift Boob Job

Forbes named Taylor as the top earning celebrity in the year 2016. It was reported that she earned something close to $170 and from her current appearance, it is clear that she spent some of it on breast implants. Her pictures now show more cleavage and this has spiked Taylor Swift boob job rumors.

Taylor Swift boob job was done pretty well. Her breasts are still in line with her boyish slender body shape. It appears that they were done using modern sized implants. The smaller implants are usually used by those who don’t want people to notice that they have had cosmetic surgery. Sources say that her implants were most likely placedsub-muscular. This is a technique that is used for the patients who want to have a natural result but their breasts don’t have a lot of existing breast fat for the procedure.


Boob jobs are done to make the breast bigger and more compact. Women who are born with smaller breasts and don’t feel comfortable about it usually undergo this procedures to enhance their chests. It also works well for sagging boobs. As one ages, or after having a baby, the breasts tend to sag, something that most people deem unattractive especially for those in the limelight.

Taylor Swift boob job gave a great and natural result. After the alleged implants, it’seasy to notice that her chest is now bigger than before. Before she had a very petite chest but now the chest seems fuller and she is showing more cleavage. The procedure moved her from a small A cup to B cup. Most cosmetic surgeons advise patients to go just one cup up. More than that could be risky or appear exaggerated. Some people have argued that her cup size did not go up and she is just using a push up bra. However, her before and after pictures however show that she is a cup bigger even when not wearing a bra.In addition, there is no cleavage on her before pictures.

According to a source, Taylor has always loved her breasts and loves the fact that she is good to go even without a bra. There is no reliable source that has confirmed Taylor Swift boob job but with her current looks, many are certain that she did it. She has not admitted or denied the allegations. If she did get the implants, her surgeon did a commendable job. They look completely natural on her and they make her look lovelier.