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Sylvester Stallone Plastic Surgery Gone Bad

Sylvester Stallone Plastic Surgery Before and After

Looking at his face lately, it’s hard to deny the Sylvester Stallone plastic surgery rumors. He reportedly has had some work done on his appearance, and unluckily his procedures did not go well. He looks a bit weird after getting some surgical procedures. How Does he look after having been under a surgeon’s knife? You would have to be blind not to notice it, kind of like Wendy Williams.

Public suspicions concerning his aesthetic surgery were first spreading out when some people noticed something unnatural on his appearance. He still looks young, though he is not young anymore. Therefore, some people began to wonder if he has had plastic surgery to keep his youthful appearance. However, they noticed that his appearance after getting some work done looks a little bit weird. What is it with guys and too much plastic surgery? Axl Rose went overboard too!

Sylvester Stallone After Plastic Surgery

Well, if we look at Sylvester Stallone plastic surgery before and after pictures, his face still remains youthful with no aging signs. If we look at his age, it is almost impossible for ordinary men to have such a smooth face appearance if they do not have any plastic surgeon’s aids. Some plastic surgeons claimed that Stallone apparently has had a facelift combined with some facial filler injections like botox or other dermal injections around his face. They proved this by showing some significant evidence referring to the plastic surgery. His face now looks tight and smooth, as if he does not have any wrinkles or other aging lines despite the fact that his age has crossed 60-years-old.

Comparing Sylvester Stallone before and after plastic surgery photos, we can also notice other signs of surgical procedures that he might have had. His forehead does not appear to have any frown lines while his eyebrows look like they have been raised. Looking at his unnatural look makes some people believe that he possibly had a brow lift, also known as a forehead lift as well. On the other hand, if we look at his jaw line, it also looks like it has changed. It now looks more defined, sharper, and tighter than it used to look. Based on the sudden changes on his jaw line appearance, we believe that he might also have had jawline surgery. Although his face now looks younger and his jaw line looks sharper or well defined, some people noticed that his appearance now looks unnatural.

In short, Plastic surgery may be the best way to keep a youthful appearance but we do should not forget about the risks as well. It is a double-edged sword because it is sometimes able to help us to keep our youthful appearance but it is also able to make our appearance look unnatural or even weird.  What we see on Sylvester Stallone plastic surgery pictures may be a reason for us to have deep considerations before indeed deciding to go to a plastic surgeon’s clinic.