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How Much Plastic Surgery Work has Suzanne Somers Undergone?

Suzanne Somers Before and After

Very few women get to accomplish what Suzanne Somers has accomplished in her career. Suzanne has stayed in the limelight due to her controversial views of medical subjects and her advocacy of alternative treatment for cancer. The actress has recently attracted the fire of the gossip-mongers due to her altered appearance leading to numerous Suzanne Somers plastic surgery rumors.

Suzanne is singer, song writer, author and an actress, who gained mainstream popularity by her television roles in Three’s Company and Step by Step.

Over the course of years, the Three’s Company star has gotten a bunch of plastic surgery procedures. It is hard to tell when the 68 year celebrity began experimenting with medical procedures for the reasons of cosmetic enhancement. If we compare her recent pictures to the ones from her youth we can see drastic changes. The actress has changed the entire infrastructure of her face and has failed to age gracefully.

It is not hard to see the evidence of extensive plastic surgery procedures on Suzanne. The actress has taut and shiny skin, with unusually pouty lips and a robotic smile, which points towards multiple plastic surgery procedures.  Suzanne Somers before and after pictures show clear signs of multiple plastic surgeries, the actress has visibly smoother and younger looking skin in the after pictures, which is indicative of a facelift procedure.

According to professional plastic surgeons, Suzanne Somers plastic surgery list includes; face lift, cheek implants, lip fillers, rhinoplasty and fat implants to keep the cheeks looking Youngers and wrinkle-free. However, the jack-of-all-trades celebrity has refused to refute or accept any allegations. Suzanne has always remained a step ahead from the tabloid news, never giving into the pressure to come clean and accepting the burdens of her decisions.

Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery


While, the multitalented actress may not accept the allegations it is very obvious to all the viewers that there is truth in the allegations as such results cannot be obtained from alternative methods. Critics believe that since Suzanne has been beautiful to begin with most of the cosmetic procedures she has undergone have been to preserve her beauty, rather than to enhance it. The actress has tried to put up a futile fight against aging, to no little avail.

Suzanne Somers has had a widely publicized life, coming from a troubled home; she had truly risen from the ashes. Her autobiography has already been made in a movie and she has gone on to pen several other popular books on health and wellness. While, Suzanne Somers plastic surgery story may not be the one of success, her life story is quite inspirational.

Suzanne’s life has been a horror show, she grew up with an abusive alcoholic father, later her elder siblings followed suit and became alcoholic. However, Suzanne continued her uphill climb and has able to make a name for her.

As fans we believe that the sixty eight year old celebrity need to go easy on the plastic surgery procedures and give herself some time to age gracefully.