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Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Before and After

It is common for many celebrities to hide and deny their plastic surgery. Recently, Susan Sarandon’s Plastic Surgery was revealed by none other than herself! She made shocking statements that she had received surgery to enhance her appearance. She also revealed that she is a fan of plastic surgery, so she still has many projects planned, regarding her beauty enhancements.

How Does Susan Sarandon Look After Getting Plastic Surgery?

On one occasion when she was being interviewed by some celebrity magazines, she openly admitted that she had some work done to boost her beauty image. She also said that she felt happy after being under a surgeon’s knife. On the other hand, she frankly revealed that she had got liposuction under her eyes and chin.

Susan Sarandon Bob Job Before and After

Even this beautiful actress criticized celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong, she noticed that they did not have any productive enhancements because the surgical procedures could not help them to look better. On the contrary, they had driven themselves to far worse look than when they started.

At the end of her interview she revealed the other secret to her sexy appearance. She told the interviewer that she even had breast augmentation to make her bra size look wonderful even though she is not young anymore. However, she also revealed that she would not get facial filler injections like Botox, because she was afraid of having such filler injections, she told to Stella magazine.

In response to Susan Sarandon’s statements, a Miami plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer, noticed that she does not appear to be an old woman, but she appears to be young. The surgeon believed that her plastic surgery procedures must have been very well done by her plastic surgeon because she apparently has taken many advantages from her surgical procedures. In her 65-year-old-age, she still has a great appearance. This is very rare in celebrities whose age has crossed the 60-years-old line; they usually have some saggy and excess skin around their faces or other parts of their body. Still, women like Cameron Diaz have proven that this kind of success is possible

Susan Sarandon’s plastic surgery seems to be an example of good plastic surgery because her surgical procedures have successfully driven her to be a sexy and beautiful woman in her 65-year-old-age. She does not appear to go overboard with her aesthetic surgery procedures like breast enhancement and liposuction around her eyes and chin. Truly, the most exciting aspect of this is her courage to confess her plastic surgery. Great Job Susan!