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Sophie Monk Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Sophie Monk Nose Job Before and After

Who does not know and love Sophie Monk as a London-born Aussie actress, model, and singer? The blonde woman, 34 years old, is recently shocking some celebrity viewers and her fans with her bravery for plastic surgery confession. However, not a few of them are still wondering what types of surgery procedures that she had got? Well, in order to make clear our anxiety, let’s see the following review that is based on the comparison before and after pictures.

If we take a look at Sophie Monk before and after photos, this talented woman indeed has some changes on the parts of her body, face skin, nose shape, lips, and cup size. First of all, let’s see on her face skin, it still looks smooth and free from wrinkles whereas her age has crossed more than 34 years old. We guess that she could have Botox injection so that her face still looks ageless and flawless.

nose job Sophie Monk before and after photo

Secondly, if we pay attention detail on the latest shape of her nose then we compare it with the oldest one, it apparently has changed as well. Her nose now looks better defined than she used to. We think that her thinner nose shape has been obtained through nose job because she previously had bit wide and rounded nose shape. Meanwhile the shape of Sophie’s lips appears more plumped and fuller than before. So that it is no wonder if her lips now looks sexier than before. Looking at her lips appearance makes us do believe if this actress does not only have one plastic surgery procedure, but she possibly has got other procedures of plastic surgery like lips filler injection so that her lips can look in such way. (Just like Coco Austin, Gauri Khan & Gwen Stefani)

Last but not least, the change on her breast size becomes the most visible sign referring to plastic surgery facts. Sophie Monk’s cup size now looks bigger and fuller than before like what was revealed by Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a Miami plastic surgeon. The doctor said that she really had got breast implants to enhance her appearance and to achieve her personal desire.

Over all, Sophie Monk plastic surgery may become one of the best examples for good cosmetic surgery because she looks more beautiful and sexier after being under knife. We strongly believe that she has been benefited by her surgical procedures.