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Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Photos

Sofia Vergara plastic surgery now becomes a hot topic of discussion among celebrity plastic surgery viewers. She reportedly has some beauty enhancements through surgery procedures to enhance her sexy and beautiful image. However the truth of this rumor is still debatable, some believe that she looks much more different than she used to but on the contrary a minor of her fans still believe that this sexy model and actress still looks natural without any surgical procedures done on the parts of her body.

Did Sofia Vergara Have Plastic Surgery?

This Colombian actress and model does often look attractive in every occasion. Her sexy and beautiful appearance makes some people amazed. However her name is now being talked by many people, she is rumored having plastic surgery so that she can look so wonderful. Is the rumor true? Let’s check out the following review.

Judging by before and after photos, this 41 years old actress indeed looks so beautiful. Her face does not show many aging signs like wrinkles, crow’s feet lines, or other frown lines but it looks smooth and flawless. Generally 41 years old women’s face will show some saggy skins but what we see on Sofia’s face appearance it is totally different. Her face is still free from aging signs but it looks fresh and tight. Based on before and after pictures above, she does not look much change. She still looks young and attractive as she was young. We guess that she might have some beauty enhancements through plastic surgery procedures like Botox injection or other facial surgery. On the other hand, if we look carefully on her stomach and waist area, she does not have the excess skin or fat around there. Her body still looks slimmer. We suppose that she might also have liposuction or tummy tuck to reduce the excess skin or fat on her stomach and waist. However we can not defined the truth because the review is just based on before and after photos comparison.

Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

The most sticking plastic surgery sign is on her breast appearance which looks much bigger and fuller than she used to. It has to be noted that she previously had small cups size in her early career but her breast now has changed drastically. Some plastic surgeons told that this sexy and beautiful model did have major changes on her cups size; they believed that she had been under plastic surgeon’s knife for breast implants. They ensured if Sofia Vergara breast appearance was not natural because 41 years old women’s breast appearance usually would look saggy.

When this beautiful actress and model was questioned by some celebrity magazine’s journalists and her fans dealing with the rumor, Sofia did not clearly denied or admitted the spreading rumor. She just told that she often got advice and suggestion to reduce her breast volume because her cup size looked too large for her body frame so that her appearance appeared freak. On the contrary her mother suggested her to stay natural without any beauty enhancements through plastic surgery, she added.

In short, plastic surgery indeed has become hot trend among celebrities in Hollywood as well as this sexy and beautiful actress Sofia Vergara. Some people wonder if her sexy and attractive appearance was obtained through plastic surgery procedures even though she has not clarified it yet. However, regardless of whether she has got some works done or not, we notice that this sexy model looks more wonderful year by year. We guess that besides being helped by plastic surgeon, she may also be blessed with good genes so that she can still look amazing in her old age. Good Job Sofia..!