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Snooki Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Snooki Nose Job Before After

Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi or better known as Snooki Jwoww is a young, beautiful and sexy reality television star. Born in Chile at November 1987, she starts her debut career in the MTv reality show “Jersey Shore”. During the popularity, all of gossip and issues about her discussed and become hot topic worldwide. As the recent issue, Snooki reportedly has some plastic surgery procedures after some people found her with unusual physical appearance on media. They think that she now has a little bit different look especially on her teeth and cup size. The common question when we hear celebrity plastic surgery rumor is what kinds of surgery procedures that they have got? And how well those celebrities look after getting some works done? Better or worse..? As well as when we hear Snooki plastic surgery rumor, to answer our curiosity, let’s check out the following reviews based on before and after photos.

Snooki Plastic Surgery Before and After

If we look at Snooki plastic surgery before and after photos, now she indeed has looks more dazzling with her beautiful smile. Her teeth seem to be whiter and fresher than before. Hence it is no wonder if suddenly people argue that she has teeth whitening treatment to keep her sparkling smile. Moreover, there is also clearly noticeable change on her cup size; it more makes public wonder if this sexy actress has indeed been under plastic surgeon’s knife for breast implant to increase her cups size. Nevertheless she had big boob since she was teen but when she turns into 20-year-old-age, her bust appearance looks much bigger. Maybe she has put implants into her breast to make her breast look fuller and bigger. Such so big cup size appearance indicates that Snooki breast implants rumor is true. However some people think that her new boob appearance looks a little bit big for her body frame so that some people guessed that she has got overdone boob job. But over all, they agree that Snooki latest appearance still looks wonderful and hot with her sparkling smile and quite big assets.

In short, although her age is still 26 years old but Snooki looks like to be a mature woman. She looks hot and amazing with her sparkling smile and big boob. We agree that her plastic surgery was great job so that makes her sexier than ever before. What do you think..?