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Shayne Lamas Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Shayne Lamas Nose Job Before and After

It is not secret anymore if Shayne Dahl Lamas is a beautiful American actress. However some people are now wondering if her wonderful appearance is not natural. They predict that she could have got plastic surgeon’s aids to keep and enhance her appearance. This actress who was born on November 6, 1985 is being rumored of having liposuction, butt lift, rhinoplasty, lip filler, botox injections, and even breast implants. One of the best ways to prove the issue, it can be seen from before and after photos below.

Shayne Lamas Plastic Surgery Before and After

If we look at Shayne Lamas before and after photos, she likely has indeed some works done. Now, she has twice bigger cup size than she used to. We guess that she has been under plastic surgeon’s knife for boob job because it rarely happens to other women in her age can get drastic breast change. On the other hand, the other surgery procedure sign is easily noticed from her latest nose shape which looks more defined and narrowed on her nasal bridge.

It is possibly obtained through a rhinoplasty surgery. Her face also looks smoother; we suspect that she possibly has got botox injection as well to eliminate some frown lines on her forehead and near the eyes. The other sigs referring to the cosmetic surgery procedures are on her latest lips appearance. It looks much more different than she used to. It now looks fuller; we are afraid if she has got lips filler injections such as Restylane or Juvederm. By applying those beauty enhancement surgeries, it is not wonder if she can look wonderful and mature though her age is still around 29 years old. However, by applying those surgery procedures, we can easily notice that she has indeed different look day by day especially on her breasts, can’t we? (Just like Coco Austin & Wendy Williams)

According to Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a Miami plastic surgeon, a professional surgeon has helped her to put implants on her breasts in order to boost her confidence. He said that Lamas has changed the size of her breasts from an ‘A’ cup to a ‘C’ cup. While a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Paul S. Nassif says that she does not seem to get any surgery on her face, just a little like botox which is aimed to keep her youthful look. Although some surgeons have claimed that she has got surgery treatments, but we notice that her appearance still looks natural and they are not likely overdone.

What do you think of Shayne Lamas Plastic Surgery? Does she really appear having some works done? Or she indeed ages naturally? Feel free to share your thoughts with us..!