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Shannon Tweed Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Shannon Tweed Plastic Surgery Before and After

It is not secret anymore if there are many models and celebrities in Hollywood reportedly have some plastic surgery procedures to enhance their appearance as well as Shannon Tweed. She reportedly has been under knife to boost her sexy image for her career achievements as a Playboy magazine model. The big question is what kinds of surgical procedures did she have? Let’s find the answer below..!

Shannon Tweed plastic surgery rumor began spreading out widely since some people found her with weird and unnatural look in her 56-year-old-age.  For that reason, some people wonder what happens to her so that she looks weird even worse. They guess that bad plastic surgery is the main cause why she can look in such way.

Shannon Tweed Before and After Photos

Judging by before and after pictures comparison, the former playboy model and Canadian actress likely has got too multiple facelift combined with too much Botox injection, eyelid surgery, and liposuction. Unluckily, all of those cosmetic surgery procedures are not well done, so that her appearance now looks bad, as it was revealed by Dr. Ryan. The surgeon told that the actress previously looked beautiful and sexy, but her appearance now looks weird and unnatural after going overboard with some surgery procedures. Even, the doctor notices that Shannon’s latest appearance now looks puffy and squint like a plastic doll.

However, Shannon Tweed is not the only celebrities who have experienced plastic surgery gone wrong. There are many celebrities like Elsa Patton and Delta Burke whose age have crossed more than 50 years have bad results fro their surgical procedures. Both of those actresses look bad after getting too much cosmetic surgery procedures.

In short, having amazing appearance in old age is every woman’s dream especially for the celebrities. However some actresses seem to have bad decision by choosing plastic surgery to keep their youthful appearance. So, think deeply before going to plastic surgeon. Aging naturally is the worth choice than having some surgery procedures.