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Serena Williams Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Serena Williams Nose Job Before and After

Serena Williams’ achievements may not be doubted anymore, but there are many people doubt her natural appearance lately since she looks a bit different than she used to. Therefore they wonder if this well known tennis player has got plastic surgery so that she looks different.

Did Serena Williams Have Plastic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is not always dominated by celebrities, but other women can have the same possibilities to get some surgery procedures to enhance their appearance as well as Serena Williams. She reportedly has got some surgical procedures to improve her appearance. However some people still wonder what kinds of plastic surgery procedures that she had.

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After

Judging by before and after photos, we notice that she indeed has possessed some changes on her appearance like on her face area, nose shape, cup size, and butt appearance. We guess that she likely has got Botox injection around her face area so her face skin now looks so smooth, tight, and ageless. Meanwhile, her nose shape has apparently changed to be much better defined than before. Previously she had a big, round, and wide nose shape with a bulbous slightly tip, however it now has changed to be more refined, narrowed, and thinner. Hence we think that Serena Williams nose job rumor is in fact true.

On the other hand, if we look at her breast appearance, it also has changed to be bigger, rounder, and fuller than before. We are afraid if she does not only have plastic surgery procedures on her face, but a plastic surgeon also has injected some implants on her bust. In addition, her butt also appears to be bigger than she used to, therefore some people do believe that she likely did not only have breast implants but she also could have butt implants.

A minor of celebrity viewers and plastic surgeons also notice that this sport woman who was born on September 26, 1981 look slimmer than before. They guess that she possibly has got liposuction as well because she beforehand looks a little bit fat. Although she likely has got many surgery procedures, but they think that all of them were well done so that she still looks natural.