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Sela Ward Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Sela Ward Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Actress Sela Ward who is best known as Teddy Reed character on the American TV series, Sisters, reportedly has been under plastic surgeon’s knife to enhance and maintain her youthful appearance. However there are many disputes regarding what kinds of surgery procedures she possibly got. Well, in order to meet the answer from our anxiety, let’s check out the following reviews based on before and after cosmetic surgery photos.

Judging by Actress Sela Ward before and after photos, we notice that she indeed looks younger that other women in her age, whereas her age has crossed more than 54 years old. Her face skin still looks tight and smooth. Meanwhile her eyes still looks fresh as if it is always awake. Commonly 50-year-old-women will show some aging signs like wrinkles, crow’s feet lines, or other frown lines around their face. But what we see on Sela’s face, it is still looks great hence we strongly believe that she has got a lot of aids from her plastic surgeon.

Sela Ward Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

If we look at the pictures comparison above, we guess that she possibly has got facelift that is combined with some filler injection like Botox or others. Meanwhile, if we look at her latest eyes appearance, she likely has got eyelid surgery because it still fresh as if it is hard to see the hanging eyes bag upper and under the eyes. How does the actress respond to the spreading rumor?

When this 54-year-old-actress was confirmed by some volunteers of celebrity and health magazines, she openly admitted that she had got some surgical procedures to grid the aging signs on her face. Her admission seems to shock many her fans because they hope that their favorite actress can age naturally without any surgeon’s aids.

In short, Sela Ward plastic surgery seems to be secret of her wonderful and youthful appearance. She looks great and young even though her age has crossed 54 years old. Good job Sela..!