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Scarlett Johansson Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Scarlett Johansson Nose Job Before and After

This beautiful American actress Scarlet Johansson is now being rumored having plastic surgery like others Hollywood celebrities. The issue of Scarlett Johansson plastic surgery begins to spread out to the public after some notice her different appearance. They found that her nose and cup size now look a bit different than she used to. It seems that she really has had plastic surgery like rhinoplasty and breast augmentation because it is almost impossible for other women to have such appearance changes in very short time if they do not go under plastic surgeons. Well, in order to know more detail about her plastic surgery rumor, let’s see at the photo comparisons below.

If we look at Scarlett Johansson plastic surgery before and after photos, she indeed has some changes on her nose. It now looks shaped well with sharper tip whereas she previously had wide and rounded at tip. We guess that she surely has got nose job to achieve such nose appearance.

Scarlett Johansson Plastic Surgery Before and After

On the other hand, the other sticking plastic surgery signs can be seen on her cup size which looks bigger and fuller than before. Looking at her latest breast appearance we suppose that she might have got breast implants as well. But her new breast appearance seems to be too bigger for her body frame hence she decided to take out the implants from assets.  And now it looks natural; not too big or too small. Having drastic appearance on her nose and cup size makes her look sexier and more beautiful than before. However, some people regret if she has really been under surgeon’s knife because she is still young, 28-years-old-age, and everything can happen to her as well as her nose and bust.

All in all, Scarlett Johansson plastic surgery is one of the examples for good plastic surgery that have been done by Hollywood celebrities. She looks better and wonderful after having some works done. However we prefer to see her good acting rather than her plastic surgery rumors.