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Sara Jean Underwood Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Sara Jean Underwood Nose Job Before andAfter

Who does not know Sara Jean Underwood? A beautiful American actress and model who was born on March 26, 1984 chosen as the playmate of the month in Playboy magazine. Most men like her and adore her so much because of her beauty. However, is her beauty natural or she applies plastic surgery to make her face beauty and her body slim with no wrinkle? Most people believe that she has had plastic surgery procedures like nose job and breast implants. To prove whether the rumor is true or not, we can see Sara Jean Underwood plastic surgery before after photos below. By seeing and comparing them, we can know which part of her face and body had plastic surgery.

From before and after photos, it is clearly that the changes are not only located on her face, but she also has another transformation on her cup size that looks much more different than she used to. Some people predict that she has possibly got breast augmentation to make her breast look bigger and rounder. Sara Jean Underwood breast implants is not surprising news anymore because her job is a playmate.

Sara Jean Underwood Boob Job Before After Photos

When the rumor of boob job was questioned to this model, she openly admitted that she had been under plastic surgeon’s knife for breast implants exactly when she had a photo shoot for the show of  Howard Stern. Therefore to make her body become certain body type, she decided to have breast augmentation. On the other hand, she is also supposed having has nose job or rhinoplasty to make her nose pointer and narrower although she does not tell openly about that. In fact, the photos say that her nose is a bit different than before, both the bridge and the tip of her nose look smaller now. People say that she belongs to a successful entertainer plastic surgery with natural look.

Moments ago, when she was 28 year old, Sara Jean had been rumored having small implants to her breast, but some moments to go, she upgraded her implants to a larger size. Although she has been gossiped to have some surgical procedures, she does not appear to go overboard with her plastic surgery. She still looks natural and great.