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Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Sandra Bullock Rhinoplasty Before After Photos

Hollywood has a thing for perfection; even beautiful women strive to change themselves in order to look ‘perfect’. Nowadays, more and more stars, both male and female, are going under the knife. It is no longer a surprise to hear about a celebrity getting a little plastic surgery. The most recent star to fall on the plastic surgery bandwagon, is none other than Sandra Bullock. Reportedly, the ‘Miss Congeniality’ star has undergone the knife in an attempt to look youthful.

Did She Really Succumb to Plastic Surgery?

Sandra Bullock is considered an A-list celebrity in Hollywood. Ms. Bullock has never admitted to her plastic surgery rumors and has instead chosen to stay quiet. This is not surprising; few celebrities ever made to have plastic surgery done. According to certain sources, however, Sandra was having plastic surgery for the last fifteen years!

Sandra Bullock is considered one of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses. The brown haired beauty has acted in numerous popular films during her career, including ‘Miss Congeniality’, ‘A Time to Kill’, ‘Gravity’ and ‘Crash’. She also won an Academy Award for her role in the movie ‘The Blind Side’. She is also one of Hollywood’s richest celebrities; she was the highest paid actress in 2012 earning $56 million and has a net worth of more than $200 million. If someone as successful as Sandra thinks sh needs plastic surgery, we shudder to think what others think of their appearances!

Sandra Bullock’s Plastic Surgery Failure?

Hollywood is ripe with rumors of Sandra Bullock plastic surgery. According to reports, the actress has had multiple procedures done to change her appearance. Apparently the first procedure Sandra opted for was a rhinoplasty. Recent pictures of the star show her nose looking different. In the past, her nose had a wide bridge and large tip; now the shape of Sandra’s nose has changed. Her nose now looks sharper and better suited to her face and has shrunk in size too. We think it is safe to say that this particular Sandra Bullock plastic surgery was a success!

Sandra Bullock also opted for facial fillers! It looks like Sandra had her lip injected with fillers; they certainly look fuller and plumper than before. Another possible procedure is Botox injections. Despite her age, Sandra has barely any wrinkles and now that may be because of Botox. Her forehead certainly looks like it has been injected with Botox; looking tighter than normal. We think her attempt to look younger was successful, although maybe she overdid the Botox injections as her skin sometimes looks unnaturally tight. Sandra isn’t the only one in her close circle who has had some cosmetic work done. Coco Austin, Kat Dennings and Laura Prepon have also had some plastic surgery work done as well.

Seems like plastic surgery for Sandra Bullock was mainly a success. There is, however, one glaring failure. Sandra also opted to get a thread lift done in order to reduce sagging skin from her face. The unappealing result of this surgery was a lump that Sandra got on her cheek! Though, this lump could disappear naturally within a few months. Sandra Bullock plastic surgery lump is a disaster!

Looks like Sandra Bullock indeed went under the knife!