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Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery Rumors

Rumer Willis is the eldest daughter of famous celebrities, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Rumer followed her parent’s footsteps and took up an acting career. She has appeared numerous TV shows and movies. She is a gorgeous actress who was named as one of the PEOPLE’s 100 most beautiful in the year 2008. Rumor has it that she has undergone the plastic surgery due to her changing appearance. Rumer Willis plastic surgery rumors say that the celebrity has had collagen treatment to make her lips fuller.

She is also said to have undergone a boob job and chin job among other plastic surgeries. It is alleged that her mother too has undergone numerous cosmetic surgeries after she got married to Ashton Kutcher.


Her appearance has changed immensely since her younger years. Major changes can be noted along her jaw line and chin. Rumer adopted her looks from both her parents. Her lips and face shape resemble those of her father. The actress admits that she used to get teased a lot for that when she was a child. People would tell her that she has a masculine look just like her father and not the beautiful feminine look of her mother.

Her jawline seems to be the subject of Rumer Willis plastic surgery rumors. Over the years, her chin has sharpened gradually which is a clear indication that she has had a chin job. The sharper chin has improved her looks tremendously. Even though her chin still protrudes a little, it is now less pronounced than before. She now has a softer and feminine look that is gorgeous.

The celebrity is said to have had her lips filled with collagen to make them fuller. The celebrity adopted her father’s small lips, but now they appear bigger.

Willis has never admitted that she has had any cosmetic surgery. She went ahead to make it clear that if she ever decided to go down that road, she will not be ashamed of it.