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Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery Before and After

Some people recently are talking about Rumer Willis plastic surgery, they wonder if Bruce Willis’ daughter has been under knife to achieve her different appearance. Therefore they compare Rumer Willis before and after photos in order to know whether she really ha had some work done or not. Moreover plastic surgery is the common thing that has been done by many celebrities in Hollywood.

Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Judging by before and after photos, Rumer Willis indeed looks different than she used to especially on her chin, lips, and cups size. Her chin appearance now looks smoother than before; we guess that she possibly had chin surgery to reshape her chin.

On the other hand, if we look at Rumer Willis plastic surgery before and after pictures comparisons, her lips also have changed to be more plump. We imagine that her upper lip has been injected with collagen or other fillers. The other part of her body that triggers some disputes about whether she has had plastic surgery or not, deals with her new cup size. Some people predict that she did not only have facial surgery, but she also possibly has breast implants because her bust appearance now looks bigger than before, even though it is just minor changes. She seems a little young for all this plastic surgery, but so was Debby Ryan and she looks great too.

Although Rumer has been rumored to have some work done, she does not appear to have gone overboard with her surgical procedures. She still looks natural and she even looks more attractive after getting some work done on parts of her body. If she really has been under a plastic surgeon’s knife, Rumer Willis apparently has received a lot of benefits from her surgical procedures. She now looks happy and more confident with her new appearance.

In short, celebrity plastic surgery indeed triggers some disputes among celebrity viewers. Some of them believe that their appearance is not natural. However, many of them also claim that plastic surgery can be the best way to maintain their assets, as well as a beautiful and attractive appearance. So they think that a surgery procedure is a must for those who feel insecure and uncomfortable with their appearance. Regardless of the disputes above, we notice that Bruce Willis’ daughter has become a beautiful young women and she looks more mature than other women in her age.

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