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Rumer Willis Chin Job

Rumor has it that Willis had her superbly large chin shaved down. Sources say that Rumer Willis chin job was done by use of injections and other procedures. The rumors sprouted from an Instagramselfie by the actress. Critics say that if the photo was not captioned, most of her fans would not have recognized her or could simply have thought that it was a photo shopped image.

A chin job is done to reshape the size of the chin. It can be done by reshaping and moving bones or inserting an implant. People who feel that their chins are too large compared to the other facial features are the ones who usually do it. It is a simple procedure that creates a more harmonious profile making one feel better about their appearance. Enhanced self-esteem is one of the benefits associated with this procedure.


After Rumer Willis chin job, the actress now looks more like her mother. Demi, however, does not support the possibility that her daughters would have plastic surgery. She believes that all her daughters are naturally beautiful and is greatly worried by Rumer Willis surgery rumors. Reports say that Demi has warned her children about the dangers of cosmetic surgery.

It is believed that Willis’s cosmetic surgery moved her lower jaw inwards and shaved the sides. It really worked well for her because she now has a lady like look, just like other celebrities. The cosmetic procedures gave her a chiseled jawline that is more attractive.

With the chin job and other cosmetic procedures, Willis has been transformed into a new woman and a new face. Rumer’s surgery must have really paid off.