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Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Robin McGraw Botox Before and After Photos

Women have searched for an age-defying solution for centuries. Before the advent of plastic surgery women went an extra mile to stay young forever. Today, it seems like Robin McGraw has found the Holy Grail of the age defying solution! After all, she claims all the Robin McGraw plastic surgery rumors are ‘apparently’ untrue.

Plastic Surgery or Miracle?

Robin McGraw is an American author and actress, however, the 60 year old beauty is best known for her long standing marriage to the famous Dr Phil. The American celebrity who is also a best-selling author has hit her sixties without showing any natural signs of aging. Nowadays the tabloids are filled with gossip about Robin McGraw plastic surgery speculations. From the pictures featured in this article the evidence of plastic surgery is quite apparent. The Multitalented actress and author shows signs of reversal of aging!

Since that  is highly unlikely to have happened naturally, we suspect that Robin McGraw plastic surgery rumors are true. The actress has undergone several Botox injections to free herself of wrinkles, Robin has also gotten lip augmentation to enhance the contour and the pout of her lip and undergone a rhinoplasty to redefine the shape of her nose. Robin is also speculated to have undergone a breast augmentation procedure. Well, it seems like Dr Phil’s wife has not discovered any magic solution after all! It is plain old plastic surgery! (Like Joan Rivers, Coco Austin and Felicity Huffman)

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Robin McGraw is also known for her oratory and is therefore a famous speaker. She often speaks about her book, the secret of her long standing marriage and a healthy lifestyle. When asked to comment on her plastic surgery rumors, Robin vehemently denied undergoing the knife and strictly maintained her prior proclamation of maintaining a youthful appearance via a healthy lifestyle. However, we believe the Robin is not being entirely truthful about her plastic surgery endeavors, while her plastic surgery story is that of a great one, she still refuses to accept her decision to undergo the knife to the public and maintains her stance of a healthy lifestyle.

Well, we are all for a healthy lifestyle, we are do not advocate lying to the fans! And therefore we advise our beloved Robin to own up to her lifestyle choices and accept the truth! And we also think you look stunning for a 60 year old!