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Rihanna Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Rihanna Nose Job Before and After

Since she has been one of famous singers around the world, Rihanna needs to keep her best performance and appearance in front of her fans. From that hypothesis some people predict that this phenomenon singer has got some plastic surgery procedures to keep and to enhance her appearance in music industry. Moreover this singer who is popular with her single “Umbrella” clearly has some changes on her appearance. Therefore when some people notice her different appearance, they wonder to know if Rihanna has plastic surgery or not by comparing her old pictures with the new one. And what before and after photos comparison say?

Comparing by Rihanna plastic surgery before and after photos, she indeed has different look especially in her nose and her breast. Therefore we guess that she has been under surgeon’s knife for rhinoplasty surgery and breast augmentation. Luckily, those surgery procedures have apparently given her satisfying result so that she can still always look attractive on the stage even beyond her performance on the stage.

Rihanna nose job (rhinoplasty) is well done as her nose looks much better. In her early career appearance she has bit wide and flat nose but it recently looks slimmer and reshaped well. And now she has narrower nose with more pointed tip as well as her nostrils which also looks smaller than before.

Rihanna Plastic Surgery Before and After

Moreover, her cup size now looks bigger and fuller than before so that it more makes public believe that Rihanna plastic surgery rumor is true. If we look at her latest bust appearance, it now looks sexier, full, and round. We believe that she does not only have nose job but she also possibly has been surgeon’s knife for breast implants. Rihanna bust appearance looks too big for her body frame so that many plastic surgery experts assess that her breasts now look unnatural.

In short, although there is contradiction from some expert, we should admit that Rihanna plastic surgery makes her sexier and more attractive. However some people suppose that only rhinoplasty gives her adorable result the rest like breast implants look to be overdone because her cups now look too big for her small body frame.

What do you think of Rihanna plastic surgery? Does she look better or worse? Never hesitate to speak up your mind here..!