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Rick Springfield Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Rick Springfield Plastic Surgery Before and After

There are many people are now wondering and discussing about the possibilities for Rick Springfield who is best known as an musician, singer-songwriter, and actor from Australia to have plastic surgery procedures. Public suspicions are based on his youthful and fresh appearance whereas Springfield’s age is no longer young.

Did Rick Springfield Have Plastic Surgery?

Looking ageless seems to be one of public figures’ wish because appearance is one of their assets. So it is not wonder if there are many of them reportedly have some works done to maintain their valuable assets, youthful appearance, as well as Richard Lewis Springthorpe. His latest appearance looks unnatural and is rarely owned by other men in his age. His face still looks smooth, tight, and free from aging signs like wrinkles, sagging skin, and many other aging signs. If this talented man has been under plastic surgeon’s knife to keep his youthful appearance, the next question is what plastic surgery types that he has got.

Rick Springfield Before and After Plastic Surgery

Judging by comparing Rick Springfield before and after photos, his appearance indeed still looks great for 64-year-old-men. He apparently does not have many aging signs, but his face skin still looks so smooth, tight, and fresh. We surmise that this actor has possibly got facelift which might be combined with Botox injection. As we know that facelift surgery is aimed to pull the sagging skin in order to look tight, while the use of filler injection, Botox, is usually purposed to grid the aging signs around the face. Therefore it is not wonder if his face appearance still looks fresh and 10 years younger than his real age.

The other visible sign referring to plastic surgery facts is on Springfield’s eyes appearance which looks so fresh without any hanging eyes bag under and upper the eyes. We guess that he might not only have facelift and injectable filler around his face skin, but he likely has got eyelid surgery as well. It has to be noted that 60-year-old-men usually will have the excessive skin around their eyes, but what we see on his eyes, it still looks a wake up.

In short, Rick Springfield cosmetic surgery seems to be the secret key for his youthful appearance even though it looks a little bit fake and strange for his 64-year-old-age, but over all he still looks natural and does not apparently go overboard with the procedures as many other public figures did like John Kerry, Bruce Jenner, and Garry Shandling.