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Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery List: Before and After Photos

Raquel Welch plastic surgery is now appearing on hot headlines for some celebrity and beauty magazines. She reportedly has had some work done to ensure that her appearance still looks wonderful and amazing even though her age is around 72 years old.

Has Raquel Welch Had Any Plastic Surgery?

In order to know whether this 1960s and 1970s actress has had some surgery procedures or not, let’s see her before and after photo comparison. From there we at least will know and notice some plastic surgery signs.

Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery Before and After

Well, if we look at Raquel Welch plastic surgery before and after photos, she seems to really have an unusual appearance that is not owned by other women in her age. Her face skin still looks shining and smooth despite her age having crossed 72-year-old. Based on the unnatural appearance on her face, some people began to wonder if she surely had been under a surgeon’s knife. Generally women in her age will have some aging signs on their face but what we see on Raquel Welch’s face appearance, it does not appear any wrinkles or crow’s feet line are there. She possibly got a facelift combined with facial filler injections like Botox or other dermal injections around her face skin.

Comparing before and after photos, we can also see other signs of surgical procedures that she may have had during her professional career in the entertainment industry. She does not seem to have facial surgery only but she also appears to have a browlift or as it’s also known, a forehead lift. The result of this surgical procedure can be seen from her face skin which looks shining and smooth as if it does not have any frown lines. On the other hand, she also probably had eyelid surgery. Of course, everyone has to get old eventually, even Dolly Parton.

Raquel Welch Breast Implants Before and After

However, the most controversy regarding the Raquel Welch plastic surgery rumors are in regards to her breast augmentation. Some people believe that she does not only have surgical procedures on her face but she may also have breast implants even though she has denied it many times. She assured fans that she got her awesome appearance through a healthy lifestyle, a strict diet, and regular exercise.

It is almost a contradiction to some plastic surgeons; they believe that she must have been under a surgeon’s knife to get that wonderful appearance in her old age. As it’s explained by Dr. Anthony Youn, he claims that Raquel Welch does not look like a truthful woman, and then he shows some evidence of plastic surgery procedures on her face. The doctor points out that Raquel’s forehead skin faintly moves as it is frozen, hence he believes that she may have had too many surgeries combined with injectable fillers.

Dr. Youn also reveals that she possibly has had a browlift as well because her eyebrows now look a bit elevated.  The other evidence that we can see as signs of cosmetic surgery is on her eyes which look fresh. It is hard to find the excess skin and puffiness there despite the fact that her age is not young anymore. Therefore, the surgeon believes that she has had eyelid surgery as well to make her youthful appearance look perfect. In the end of his explanation, he shows another sign of aesthetic surgery that will make us more sure of her beauty enhancements. He noticed that her nose has seemingly changed to be overly sculptured, hence he believes that she has had rhinoplasty surgery as well.

In addition, Paul S. Nassif and Dr. Michael Salzhauer said that Raquel Welch looks great and young despite her 72-year-old-age. She apparently has had a facelift, browlift surgery, filler injections like Botox. The surgeons observed that those surgical procedures were carried out conservatively so that her appearance still looks natural and not too overdone.

In conclusion, as we said in the previous posts, plastic surgery has two sides between good and bad. And what we see with the Raquel Welch plastic surgery story can be an example of good plastic surgery.