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Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery Transformation

Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery

Priscilla Presley is a globally recognized actress. She is among the celebrities who have made the decision to enhance facial features. Priscilla Presley plastic surgery procedure was intended to help her regain her youthful appearance. Unfortunately, her plastic surgery expectations were not fulfilled after her cosmetic procedures went wrong. The wife of the late music superstar Elvis Presley has been known as more than a pretty face.

Along with her acting career she is an astute businesswoman who has helped to transform Graceland into a lucrative opportunity. Several Elvis Presley fans make their way to Graceland to relive the memories of the iconic star. Priscilla had abundant beauty and her face lit up screens during shows such as the hugely popular Dallas series. She became the unwitting victim of a disastrous cosmetic procedure that had adverse effects on her face.

Presley’s Plastic Surgery Disaster

Priscilla Presley plastic surgery did not turnout as expected, and the star has bravely dealt with the damaging effects of the procedure. After the procedure was carried out by her plastic surgeon Presley ended up with a swollen face and her features were distorted. The procedure was performed by a doctor who claimed to can enhance the star’s looks and make her look younger. The surgical techniques that he used turned out to be unethical and extreme. His methods were not approved, and it is rather unfortunate that Priscilla allowed him to try them out on her. The surgeon carried out the procedure by injecting toxic chemicals into her face and this caused her skin to develop lumps and become distorted.

Priscilla Presley Before and After

The chemical reacted negatively with her face and caused both physical and emotional distress. In Priscilla before and after photos there is a saddening transition from a radiant natural beauty to a pained and distorted image. She was among a number of female celebrities who were eager to try out what was described as an innovative cosmetic procedure. Plastic surgery is a common trend among Hollywood stars, and a many of them want to be the first to experiment with new procedures. Before undergoing any form of plastic surgery, patients are advised to carry out ample research that will help them make informed decisions. What Presley’s doctor did to her was a criminal act and he is paying the price for it. Fortunately, he did not get away with distorting the celebrity’s face.

Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon

It is apparent that Priscilla really wanted to have a different procedure performed on her but she would have never imagined the damage it would cause. It has not been easy for her to step out in public and expose the drastic results of her plastic surgery. Before and after plastic surgery pictures make it clear that she was better off without the surgery, but she has to deal with the consequences. People commend her for being brave about the situation and not succumbing to the depression that arises from being a victim of a botched cosmetic procedure.

Even with the distortion and negative change of her appearance her beauty still shines through as she carries herself gracefully. The injection of illegal substances or chemical formulations into her skin was the beginning of a frustrating and distressing experience. Celebrities will always be attracted to the lure of plastic surgery that will enhance numerous physical aspects of their lives. From lip fillers to breast implants there is virtually no limit to the plastic surgery options that are available. A properly done cosmetic procedure can improve how a person looks or eliminate flaws but they can only be successful when they are done by competent surgeons.