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Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Preity Zinta Nose Job Before and After

It seems that the Bollywood celebrity Preity Zinta plastic surgery rumors may have some truth to them. We may often hear about celebrity plastic surgery that is usually done by Hollywood and Korean celebrities, but we hardly hear about Bollywood celebrity cosmetic surgery. The latest rumor reports that there is an Indian actress that has been under the knife to improve her image, so who is she? Yeah, she is well known Indian film actress, Preity Zinta. This actress who was born on January 31, 1975 reportedly has some works done to maintain her wonderful appearance.

Did Preity Zinta Have Plastic Surgery?

Preity Zinta Before and After Plastic Surgery

If we look at the Dil Se and Soldier star’s before and after photos, she truly has had some changes on her face area. Some people predict that she has had some surgical procedures on her face like a facelift, lipo, facial fillers like restylane and botox, a brow lift, and a nose job. Based on a Preity Zinta before and after photos comparison, her nose now looks thinner than before. We suspect that her new nose shape is a product of rhinoplasty surgery. It is almost impossible for someone her age to have a dramatic nose shape change if she does not have a nose job.

The reason why she decided to go under the knife for nose surgery is possibly to reduce the size of the bulbous tip and remove cartilage between the bridge and the tip. In addition, some celebrity plastic surgery viewers also found that she has a higher and more wide open eye impression; they think that it may have been obtained through smartlipo surgery. Her appearance now looks more western with an oval face shape, whereas she previously had a round face. Meanwhile if we look at her facial skin, it still looks smooth, tight, and youthful. We suppose that her youthful face appearance is the effect of a facelift, a browlift, and facial fillers like restylane and botox.

Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Over all, the Preity Zinta plastic surgery rumors appear to be true, but she looks good. We believe that if she has really been under a plastic surgeon’s knife, the results are marked improvement. What do you think though? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!