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Politician Sarah Palin Plastic Surgery: Before and After Photos

Sarah Palin Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

One more famous female politician reportedly has plastic surgery, she is politician Sarah Palin. Many people know her as beautiful, smart woman whose bright career as a politician. This beautiful politicians whose complete name Sarah Louise Heath is not only smart politician but she also becomes famous author and commentator. Some people also may know her as a controversial politician with scandal issue around her life, and the latest rumor says that she has some plastic surgery procedures to get rid her aging signs around her face.

Did Sarah Palin Get Plastic Surgery?

Sarah Palin who was born at February 11, 1964 starts her career as politician in 1992 but the she peaks her political career when she was elected to be a vice president of Republican presidential candidate John McCain. She might be in her late 40s age, but she still looks fresh and young. Therefore the public speculates that she may have had some cosmetic surgery procedures to keep herself looking youthful in her old age. It is impossible for 40-year-old women to have smooth, fresh, and tight face skins if they do not have some works done around their face, as well as Sarah Palin. Moreover her activities are full with pressure that indirectly will affect her appearance. However, what we see on her face, it does not have any wrinkles, crow’s feet line, and other aging signs but this sexy politician still looks younger for women in her age. Therefore, public guess that she possibly has some anti aging treatments throughout plastic surgery procedures like facelift surgery and dermal injection.

Sarah Palin Before and After Breast Implants

Based on before and after plastic surgery photos, her face skin surely looks smooth and toned. To obtain such face skin appearance in 40-year-old- age, it is usually obtained from facelift surgery combined with facial filler injection. As many plastic surgeons told that the use of dermal injection combined with facelift procedure will make face skin looks fresh, smooth, and tight because they can help to remove the wrinkles, crows feet line, and other aging lines. And what we see on Palin’s face mostly reflected the signs of facial surgery.

If we look detail at Sarah Palin plastic surgery before and after pictures, she does not likely have facelift and injectable fillers only, she possibly has eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty as well. The signs of that surgical procedure can be seen on her eyes area. Her eyes do not seem to have eyes bag at all but they still look fresh. Furthermore, her cheeks and lips appear to be unnatural for her age because her cheek looks puffier and plumper up while her lips now looks juicier. We believe that she has some filler injections as well on her cheek and lips. On the other hand, her cup size also still looks fuller and tighter, we wonder that she possibly has boob job as well because it is very impossible for 40-year-old women to have such amazing cup size if they do not have breast implants.

In short, Sarah Plain plastic surgery is not the only politicians who reportedly have some works done on their body. Previously we also have posted Mary Matalin plastic surgery, it seems that plastic surgery is not always dominated by Hollywood or worldwide celebrities only but the other public figure like politicians also have possibilities to get the aesthetic surgery.