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Playboy Model Holly Madison Good Plastic Surgery

Holly Madison Good Plastic Surgery

It is not secret anymore that being a model needs professionalism and the most important is beautiful appearance. Well, Holly Madison who is best known as it seems as a Playboy magazine model apparently understands well about the requirements of being a top model therefore this sexy model that was born at December 23, 1979 in Oregon is not far away from the plastic surgery rumor. She reportedly has had breast augmentation to enhance her image as a famous model.

Holly Madison is not only popular as the playboy playmate, but she is also best known as a sexy actress. Her name in entertainment industry becomes more popular when she is starring television series”The Girls Next Door”. Beside that she also has role in her reality show “Holly’s World”.

When she was asked about the news of her breast augmentation, Holly Madison admitted that she has got her boob worked out. She told that she previously had 34A-cup size therefore she decided to get breast implant to make it look bigger and then after getting the procedure her breast size changes to be 36D. Holly Madison apparently feels happy and satisfied with the result of her breast implant. She told that her bust is assets and she should keep the shape and its looking. Even she told that her assets were reached $1Milion hence she feels proud with her cup size appearance.

If we look at detail on before and after photos, Holly Madison does not likely only have boob job but she also looks like to have nose job (rhinoplasty). Her new nose looks better than before, looks fitter with her sexy frame.

Overall, her appearance after getting plastic surgery looks better and sexier. We think that her new appearance will help her to get more achievements in entertainment industry. Although we are not the supporter of plastic surgery but we really admire Holly Madison good plastic surgery.