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Plastic Surgery for Seo Woo

Seo Woo Before and After

Seo Woo’s beauty is admired by several people. The results of Seo Woo plastic surgery include bigger eyes and a more defined nose. The surgical procedures have contributed to her beauty through a radical transformation.

The Korean star used to have small eyes and the distinct change in their size have everyone buzzing. This is why it was not surprising when widespread claims were made about Seo undergoing cosmetic procedures. Although she had not made any attempt to dispute the claims the transformations, she has undergone show that she has had plastic surgery.

The difference in the size of her eyes is attributed to eyelid surgery.

Woo’s Eyelid Surgery for Bigger Eyes

Woo use to have small eyes like many of her South Korea counterparts. When she first made her debut on the acting scene, she was known for her pretty face and naturally small eyes. At this point of her career plastic surgery was a far-fetched concept. Over a period of time, her eyes became bigger. Pictures of Seo Woo plastic surgery reveal the change from small to large eyes.

This makes it clear that the actress has undergone eyelid surgery that facilitates the process of making the eyes bigger and opening them up wider. The procedure was carried out effectively. Before and after plastic surgery photos make it possible to find out what type of changes celebrities go through.

Many South Korean stars have benefited from the results of cosmetic procedures. They are preoccupied with their appearance and place a lot of emphasis on making sure they look as perfect as possible.

Stars like Seo undergo life changing alterations that can positively impact their lives and careers. This is why plastic surgery continues to be popular among celebrities in South Korea. Physical appearance is an integral aspect of the business. Talent is valued but looking good is a worthwhile addition.

Woo has not admitted to having plastic surgery, but the changes are there for everyone to see in before and after plastic surgery pictures. The young and popular South Korean actress has a longer and slimmer nose as well as bigger eyes and fuller lips.

She is one of the female actresses who have undergone a dramatic transformation that people cannot stop talking about. Her memorable roles include the one she played in the critically acclaimed production Cinderella’s Sister.

Seo after Plastic Surgery

Seo Woo Plastic Surgery

Pictures of the star from the past show her with much smaller and slanted eyes that most South Korean actresses have. Woo was evidently discontent with the size of her eyes and chose to have surgery performed on her eyelids.

The procedure can be performed using different techniques that involve removing excess skin around the eyelids. This is done to expose the eyes more and make them wider. This transforms them form their slanted appearance to make them bigger and more prominent. It causes a reduction in the lose skin around the upper eyelids. (Like Park Shi Yeon and Jang Geun Suk)

Seo had the cosmetic procedure done to make her eyes larger and more appealing. The surgery enhanced how her eyes look and has boosted her confidence as an actress and celebrity. This type of procedure is quite drastic because it can transform the structure of a person’s face. Eyelid surgery is the most apparent procedure that the South Korean beauty has undergone during the later years of her career.

The impact of the procedure will last for several years to come. As the star gets older she may need to have another procedure or opt for a facelift to prevent sagging. For Seo Woo to fully benefit from the surgery other cosmetic treatments such as fillers may have been administered.