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Penelope Cruz Nose Job Before After Photos

Penelope Cruz Plastic Surgery Before and After

Penelope Cruz nose job rumors have surfaced after the public saw her recent photos. As a model, she is required to have a perfect appearance. So it’s no wonder that she is rumored to have had some work done to improve her image as a beautiful and professional model. However, is it true that she has had plastic surgery procedures to maintain her beautiful appearance? Let’s check this out!

Penelope Cruz Nose Job Before and After Photos

 If we look at Penelope Cruz plastic surgery before and after photos, she apparently has been under a plastic surgeon’s knife, because we noticed that has had some changes especially on her face area. Dr. Paul Nassif is a famous plastic surgeon who agrees that this talented Spanish actress has had some changes to her face especially on her nose shape. The surgeon guesses that she possibly has had a nose job to make her nose look more defined and thinner than before. In addition, Dr. Jennifer Walden who is also a cosmetic surgeon says that she does not only have rhinoplasty surgery, but she also has opted for filler injections like botox on her forehead. She explained that the use of facial filler injections can make her face skin look youthful, tight, and smooth. Entirely free from aging signs.

On the other hand, if we look at her latest lip, they look more plump and fuller than they used to. We speculate that she probably has had lip filler injections as well. What about her nose? Yes, her nose has changed to be slightly straighter with a more pointed tip. Last but not least, Penelope Cruz’s breasts also appear bigger and fuller than before she became a famous actress. Some people predict that she has had a breast augmentation.

Penelope Cruz nose job rumors have been spreading out widely; there has not been any official statement from this model. She just stays quiet about the rumor. Although she never shares information about her surgical procedures, some people do believe she has really been under a plastic surgeon’s knife to make her appearance look perfect.

What do you think of Penelope’s latest appearance? Does she look natural? Or does she appear to have some works done? Feel free to share your comments here!