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Paul Stanley Bad Plastic Surgery: Before and After Pictures

Are you Kiss rock band fans? If you are so, you will not be strange with its co-vocalist, Paul Stanley. He reportedly has plastic surgery during his career in music industry. We may not see his real face when he is on the stage because most of Kiss members always use mask on their face but we will see his Stanley’s face appearance when he has not a concert.

Did Paul Stanley Have Plastic Surgery?

Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery Before and After

Plastic surgery seems to become a trend even tradition for celebrities in the world. Many of them have reportedly been under knife to improve their appearance and confidence. We may often hear many celebrity plastic surgery histories. There are some of them have been achieved their best appearance through cosmetic surgery but not a few of them also has bad stories in this aesthetic surgery.

The latest rumors say that Paul Stanley has got bad plastic surgery procedures that have changed his appearance to be mostly unrecognizable. He looks much more different than he used to. Based on before and after photos, some people predict that he may have some overdone surgical procedures like facelift, eyelid surgery, brow lift, nose job, and also lip augmentation.

If we look at before and after plastic surgery photos, his face now looks saggy with some excess skin which can indicate that his face has too much facelift procedure. On the other hand, his eyes now look weird and wider as well as if the surgeon has taken too many skins around his eyes through blepharoplasty surgery. Meanwhile, Stanley’s rhinoplasty and lip filler injection have mad his nose and lip do not look proportional for his face frame.

According to Miami Plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer, Paul Stanley has bad plastic surgery. He said that Paul likely has facelift procedure that is likely overdone so that his face now looks very tight and it also looks saggy with some excess skin there. The surgeon also showed that his eyes now look wider which will likely frighten for everyone who see his eyes, the doctor believed that this co-vocalist Kiss band has bad eyelid surgery.

Paul Stanley may not be the only one male who gets awful plastic surgery but there are still many men whose the same experience like him such as Bruce Jenner and Garry Shandling, both of them are reported to have awful plastic surgery. As we often in the previous posts that plastic surgery has two sides that should be paid attention for everyone who wants to make over their appearance through aesthetic surgery. Firstly, it surely can help someone to enhance their appearance if the procedures are done by a professional plastic surgeon and the most important thing is the patients’ mentality. Secondly, it will be like a boomerang for everyone who wants to improve their appearance if plastic surgery procedures are well done by uncertified surgeon. So which one will be your considerations?