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Plastic Surgery Claims About Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye Before and After

After Park Shin Hye confessed about hating how she looked, more people were convinced that she went under the plastic surgeon’s knife. Rumors about Park Shin Hye plastic surgery have been rife, but her denials have not stopped her from being a hot topic. The award winning actress stated that her beauty is naturally attained through watching her diet.

She expressed how bloated her face can be on television and that this frustrates her a lot. Hye also revealed that she used to hate how her eyes and nose looked when she was young. The Korean celebrity pointed out that she had a particular issue with the tip of her nose as well as the size of her fingers. She claims that she contemplated surgery in her younger years but is now content with her physical appearance.

Hye Before and After Pictures

In before and after plastic surgery pictures a few changes can be seen especially on her eyes and nose. She is one of the several actresses who are believed to have opted for plastic surgery procedures such as eyelid surgery and nose jobs. Park Shin Hye plastic surgery claims are based on the visible transformation that the starlet has gone over the course of her successful acting, singing and dancing career.

She is perfect in her pictures and her confidence has grown over the years. In older pictures the star had small eyes, a slightly pronounced nose and relatively flawed skin.

Before and after plastic surgery photos provide images of her narrower nose and much bigger eyes. Her skin is also glowing and in good condition. Park Shin is suspected of not being 100% natural because of this changes that can only be achieved through invasive surgical procedures.

The transformations that have happened can be attributed to common plastic surgery procedures such as a nose job, eyelid surgery that makes the eyes open up and a facelift for a younger appearance. She has made an effort to deny the plastic surgery claims and said that she contemplated surgery in the past but has never actually tried it.

Park Shin Hye Plastic Surgery Before and After

Different Plastic Surgery Procedures

Despite her valiant efforts to prove that all her beauty is naturally bestowed upon her people would rather rely on the proof of after plastic surgery pictures. These pictures show Hye with a smaller nose that looks redefined and almost pinched in appearance. Her nose was previously broader and more conspicuous. The nose is now smaller in size with a pointed tip that was not there before. The nose job that was carried out was a complete success because her new nose is much more suitable for her face than what she had before the procedure.

The plastic surgeon took into account the kind of facial features she has as well as the shape of her face and performed the procedure accordingly. Another area of emphasis on Park Shin’s face is her eyes. Her eyes used to be smaller and slanted as is the case with most South Asian individuals. Hye’s eyes have become much bigger as a result of an eyelid surgery procedure that works by opening up the eyes and making them larger in size.

It is also widely believed that the celebrity has undergone a facelift to enhance the overall appearance of her face. She is one of the many Korean celebrities whose mesmerizing beauty is a topic of interest. Fans and critics alike are always curious about what kind of procedures they have had to make them look the way they do. People naturally change as they get older but changes such as bigger eyes and defined jaw lines can only be surgically achieved.