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Park Shi Yeon Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Nose Job Before and After Photo Park Shi Yeon

The South Korean entertainment industry is taking the world by a storm. While, South Korea is known for its superior cinematic, it is also known for its widespread abuse of plastic surgeries! South Korean actors treat plastic surgery as casually as we treat makeup, and therefore most leading stars are speculated to have undergone the knife. Among one of these stars is, Park Shi Yeon, the former Miss Korea contestant is a renowned actress, known for her role in the recently ended KBS’s show, ‘Nice Guy’. Presently, she is speculated to have undergone the knife once again, it seems like Park Shi Yeon plastic surgery rumors are alive once again.

How Natural is the Miss Korea Contestant?

The former contest for the title of, ‘Miss Korea’ hails from the city of Seoul. Formerly knows as Park Mi Seon, the model-cum-actress has changed a lot more than just her name. Rumors have it that the actress has undergone drastic reconstructive surgeries to restructure her face. The pictures featured in this article are evidence enough for us to be able to confirm these rumors.

Park Shi Yeon Plastic Surgery adventures consist of a jaw reshaping, cheek tucks and a nose job. The actress refused to accept any plastic surgery rumors and played the, ‘natural beauty’ card, but we all know that actresses aren’t exactly known for their transparency and honesty when it comes to accepting plastic surgery rumors.

Park Shi Yeon Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Last year, Park Shi Yeon husband Park Sang Hun welcomed a baby girl, their first born after their marriage in 2011. The baby was born amidst an ongoing investigation of drug abuse on the actress. It seems like Park Shi Yeon Plastic Surgery rumors are not the only thing keeping the actress in the lime light. Park Shi Yeon isn’t the only one in her circle of friends who has had surgery speculation around them. Gauri KhanJang Geun Suk & Park Bom have all had their fair share of surgery rumors.

In 2012, a year prior to giving birth, Park Shi Yeon debuted in the Hollywood, with her first movie titled,; The Last Knight’. The movie gave her a chance to play opposite some outstanding stars, such as; Morgan Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch and Clive Own. The movie was directed by a Japanese director and won widespread critical acclaim.

Today, the actress is gaining widespread heat from the media and the fans alike for her choice to enhance her looks with the help of plastic surgery, while we appreciate her efforts to keep herself youthful, we believe there are alternate ways to do that without insulting so much drama!