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Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Chin Implant Before and After Photos Park Bom

Park Bom is a South Korean-born singer and actress; she rose to fame with her singles such as; ‘You and I’. The lead vocalist of one of the most famous South Korean band, Park Bom pursued music despite her family’s reservations. Today, the singer-cum-actress is more widely known for her plastic surgery blunders than her music! It seems like Park Bom Plastic Surgery rumors are overshadowing any news of her singing career!

Park Bom was signed by YE Entertainment in 2006; by 2009 Park had formed her own band, name 2NE1. Park Bom’s experiments with plastic surgery began early in her career. Her first plastic surgery was adding creases to her eye lids. As an Asian Park Bom did not have natural eyelid crease, however, that did not stop her from seeking professional help. This procedure was followed by a chin implant, Botox, multiple nose jobs and even breast implants!

Park Bom Claims Medical Reason behind Plastic Surgery

In recent times, Park Bom Plastic Surgery news is circulating the social media and most of her fans are criticizing her choice to undergo the knife over and over again. In an interview, Park Bom admits Plastic Surgery rumors; however, the singer deemed the surgeries to be a ‘medical necessity’.

The actress went on to explain that she had idiopathic benign growth of cervical lymph nodes that need to be removed, time and again, however, the vocalist failed to explain what that had to do with the creases on her eyelid! (Or the nose jobs, chin jobs, Botox and facial reconstruction for that matter).  We believe what started as mere exploitation of the professional services to beautify herself, has turned into an addiction. Park Bom’s family and friends need to get her the help she needs before she hurts herself. (Like Goo Hara and Gauri Khan)

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

From the pictures given it is obvious that our beloved Asian beauty has gone under the knife way too many times. From the pictures it is evident that Park Bom Plastic surgery has completely changed her face, from the crease on her eyes to her abnormally tilted chin, it seem s like Park has taken this obsession with beauty a step too far.

As loving and concerned fans we would recommend Park to stop before something goes horribly wrong! As a singer Park’s primary focus should be her music and not her looks, besides she looked quite pretty prior to all these procedures too!