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Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Pamela Anderson Breast Implants Before and After

Pamela Anderson who was born on July 1, 1967 is best known as a beautiful model and actress. The beautiful and sexy woman who was born in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada recently is rumored that she has got plastic surgery. Some rumors even say that she has had at least one procedure at the beginning of her career. But it was all just a rumor, so to make clear whether she really has got some surgery procedures or not, let’s see the following reviews based on before and after photos.

Judging and comparing Pamela Anderson before and after pictures, it is very clear that she indeed has great appearance change during her career in modeling and entertainment industry. Based on the photos comparison above, it is very obvious that she has different cup size. Her breast now looks bigger and fuller than she used to. We suppose that it was caused by breast implants.

Pamela Anderson Nose Job Before and After

On the other hand, she also has changes on her face features such as nose, cheeks, and lips. Anderson’s nose shape now looks thinner with pointier at the tip than before. The change of such nose is usually obtained through a rhinoplasty surgery therefore we do believe that Pamela Anderson nose job is truly fact. Meanwhile, her cheek also has changed to be plumper than she used to look in the early of her career. Based on the comparison between her past cheeks with the latest one, some people are very sure if she also has got cheek implants to perfect her previous surgery result. What about her lips?

If we look detail at her lips appearance before getting surgery with the latest one, she apparently does not only have plastic surgery procedures on her nose and cheek, but she also likely has got lips filler injection so that her lips now appears sexier and juicer than before. However some people notice that Pamela’s appearance looks bit fake and unnatural especially her new cup size which looks so big and does not fit to her body frame. On the contrary, a minor of her fans assume that she looks sexier with fuller cup size and juicy lips appearance.

In short, Pamela Anderson plastic surgery has triggered many disputes among celebrity viewers and her fans. However, we personally notice that she over all looks natural except her cup size which looks too big as if it will explode.

What do you think of Anderson’s latest appearance? Does she look unnatural? You can decide by yourself by looking at the pictures comparison above. Feel to share your opinions here..!