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Olivia Wilde Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Olivia Wilde Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before and After

It is not deniable anymore if Olivia Wilde belongs to stunning and beautiful actress with excellent appearance. However, some celebrity viewers are now suing her natural beauty since before and after photos have been spreading on internet and becoming the hottest subject of discussion among them.

Did Olivia Wilde Get Plastic Surgery?

Olivia Jane Cockburn who was born on March 10, 1984 is best known as an actress, screenwriter, producer, director, and former of model. As a successful and talented actress, she has been appearing in many television and film productions like television series, House, and Cowboys & Aliens film. However, some people are now talking about her, it is not caused by her career achievements, but it is all due to the possibilities for her to get some plastic surgery procedures. The big question often appears when we suspect an actress whose beauty enhancements is what type of surgical procedures that she had got.

Olivia Wilde Plastic Surgery Before and After

Judging by comparing Olivia Wilde before and after photos, this talented woman likely has got some surgery procedures like nose job, Botox injection, and possibly lips augmentation. Let’s see on her new nose shape which looks bit thinner and well defined than she used to whereas she previously had wide nose shape with bulbous tip as we can see on her past photos.

The other signs referring to plastic surgery fact are on her face skin, lips appearance, and her breast appearance. Both of those face features, face skin and lips, do not appear to have many changes. Olivia’s face skin still looks smooth and ageless whereas she has been in 30 years old.  Therefore, we guess that she possibly has got regular Botox injection to maintain her youthful appearance. Meanwhile, her lips also still appear sexy and plumped. Such lips appearance is usually caused by the use of filler or it is best known as lips injection. On the other hand, if we look at her new cups size, they look a little bit bigger and fuller than before. We suppose that she also has got breast implants to make her breast size look in such way.

Nevertheless the truth of Olivia Wilde cosmetic surgery rumor is still debatable among plastic surgeons because the sign of her surgical procedures are very subtle as it was revealed by Dr. Jennifer Walden. The surgeon says that she has natural appearance and she grows naturally, so the rumor saying Olivia has been under knife is not truly right. On the contrary, Dr. David Shafer, a New York plastic surgeon, revealed that Wilde’s surgery procedures are done conservatively so that the signs of her beauty surgeries are very subtle as if she does not have any surgery procedures done. However, the surgeon believed that she had at least a rhinoplasty surgery and boob job because her nose looks bit different than before, it now appears thinner and well defined while her breast appearance also looks fuller and bigger than she used to.

Over all, even though the actress has neither denied nor confessed the rumors, but based on before and after photos judgments we realize that Olivia Jane Cockburn looks bit different than before especially on her nose shape and cup size. Therefore, we do believe that she has really been under knife for the changes on the parts of her body.

What do you think of Olivia’s latest appearance? Has Olivia Wilde had plastic surgery as many people suspected? Feel free to share your reviews with us..!