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Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo Proof

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Before and After

In recent times, quite a few careers have died a horrible death after some bad plastic surgery decisions; one of them is Nikki Cox plastic surgery endeavors. Known for her prominent roles in shows such as; Nikiki, Unhappily Ever After and Las Vegas, Nikki was quite a looker; however, her plastic surgeries have made her quite a monstrosity!

Nikki Cox’s plastic surgery comes with a disclaimer of ‘Do Not Try it At Home.’ We wonder who gave her this horrible advice. A jealous girlfriend, perhaps?

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Nikki Cox was casted in most of her major roles due to her traditional American looks and her sensuality. The brunette beauty underwent a radical transformation after she decided undergo some badly thought out cosmetic procedure, that too just at the age of 34! According to a famous plastic surgeon of Beverly Hills, Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery includes; Botox injections, Lip fillers and possibly cheek implants.

Most of Nikki Cox’s fans and critics are applaud by the results of her plastic surgery. The pretty, perky brunette has transformed herself into an ugly old maiden with a forehead so shiny it is almost a reflective surface and lips so pouty it would put Angelina Jolie to shame!

From the pictures featured in the article it is not hard to see that the actress has undergone several plastic surgery procedures that had made her facial features alter so much so that she is barely recognizable from her pre-plastic surgeries days. While, many professional onlookers say that they believe that while the actress has gone overboard with fillers and Botox, she may not have experimented with invasive procedures, such as face lift.

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Before and After

Nikki Cox plastic surgery are clearly visible in the transformation of her lips, that huge and puffy now, as compared to her small and delicately defined lips from pre-plastic surgery days. The actress has also gotten fillers in her cheek possibly to complement her new lips. Last, but not the least the actress has gotten Botox to appear younger than her chronological age!

The Las Vegas actress married Jay Mahr in 2006 and subsequently begun a family, however, her career took a nose dive when she decided to experiment with plastic surgery at a tender age of 34. While getting a plastic surgery in showbiz is no big deal, it is a big deal if you voluntarily disfigure your beauty and subsequently kill your career.

It is very apparent for Nikki Cox before and after pictures that her plastic surgery decision was not a good one. She has not only ruined her career, but also a perfectly lovely face. Young actresses should learn a lesson for Cox’s mistakes and abstain from plastic surgery for as long as they can, after all there is nothing more graceful than ageing gracefully.

In case, people do decide to undergo plastic surgeries for the purpose of cosmetic enhancement it should be advised that it is best if they do an extensive preliminary research before trying anything on themselves!

Poor Nikki. We think she should become an advocate for letting nature take its course. What do you think?