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Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Before and After

One more Hollywood celebrity who reportedly has plastic surgery is Nikki Cox. This beautiful actress who becomes more popular since her role in the TV show “Las Vegas” feels insecure with her body shape hence she is rumored to have some works done to enhance her beautiful image. This 30-year-old age actress plastic surgery issue appears in the surface since public notice her different appearance. Public found her old pictures and compare it with the latest one, and then they find a bit change on her appearance.

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Before and After

Based on before and after photos, she probably has had plastic surgery procedures such as lip injection, as well as eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and maybe even a breast augmentation. If we look detail at before photo, she has thin lips that make her looks feminine but if we look at after picture, her lips now have changed to fuller and more plumped up. The changes on lips appearance in such appearance is usually obtained through plastic surgery procedures like dermal filler injection like collagen, Botox, and many the others. Furthermore, if we look at her eyes area, there is something different there. Her eyes now looks more reshaped and narrower that make her appear sexier. To get such eyes appearance is only obtained through eyelid surgery or it is usually called as blepharoplasty surgery.

Well, cosmetic surgery rumor is not only fixed on her eyes and lips but her cup size now looks changed as well. She likely has breast augmentation to make her bust look bigger and fuller. Unfortunately, what she has done on her boob makes her bust now looks unnatural which strongly make some people believe that Nikki Cox has plastic surgery.

Since the rumor has been spreading out to the public for long time, there is no still any statement from the actress so that the truth of whether she has plastic surgery or not is still debatable.

Over all, Nikki Cox was previously a beautiful and sexy actress indeed but now public doubt her natural beauty since she looks weird. whatever she has done, we believe that she has considered deeply about the risk of plastic surgery. We hope that her new appearance will not ruin her as top and famous actress.