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Nicollette Sheridan Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Nicollette Sheridan Plastic Surgery Before and After

Nicollette Sheridan Plastic Surgery is recently being a hot topic of discussion among her fans and some celebrity viewers. She reportedly has been under knife for unnatural changes on her appearance especially on her chin, lips, and cup size.

Did Nicollette Sheridan Have Plastic Surgery?

Nicollette Sheridan who was born on November 21, 1963 is best known as an English television and film actress. Her name became popular since she had role in Desperate Housewives series. Afterwards she became more famous after being portrayed as Paige Matheson in Knots Landing, an American primetime television soap opera. During her professional career in entertainment industry, she had got a lot of awards and nominations. However, some people are lately talking about her. It is not dealing with her career achievements but it is all regarding to her appearance transformation. Some people suspect that she has got plastic surgery procedures so that she now looks much more different than she used to. What types of surgical procedures did she have?

Nicollette Sheridan breast augmentation before and after photo

Comparing and judging by Nicollette Sheridan before and after photos, she indeed has three major changes on her appearance. Firstly, let’s take a look on her chin, it now looks a bit oval than before so that her face frame now looks better than she used to. We guess that she possibly has got chin implants to make her face much more defined and easily recognizable.

Secondly, if we pay attention carefully on her latest lips appearance, it has changed as well though it is very subtle, but the difference is very noticeable. Her lips now look bit swollen whereas she previously had inflated lips shape. Therefore we do believe if she has got lips augmentation.

Thirdly, Nicollette’s cup size now looks much bigger than she used to. It has to be noted that she beforehand had medium-sized breasts but what we see on her latest breast size, it now has turned into D-cup size. Looking at her new busts appearance, some people strongly believe if this Desperate Housewives star has got breast implants to make her appearance look sexier. Some of her friends, Lauren Conrad, Emily Procter and Belinda Peregrin have also succumbed to plastic surgery work.

Over all, even though Nicollette Sheridan cosmetic surgery is still debatable, but based on before and after pictures, it is very clear that she had some works done. Nevertheless we notice that she still looks great and does not appear to go overboard with her surgical procedures.