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Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Nicole Kidman is not the only one of many Hollywood celebrities who reportedly had plastic surgery to enhance the image. There are many Hollywood celebrities that have been under plastic surgeon’s knife since some of them have successfully enhanced and kept their youthful appearance through the surgery procedures. Therefore it may inspire this sexy actress to get some beauty enhancements through reconstructive surgery to maintain her beauty. It has to be noted that her appearance now looks so amazing and young for her actual age as if it is hard to see the aging signs around her face. Did Nicole Kidman have plastic surgery? If she did so, what kinds of surgical procedures has she got? Let’s see the following reviews..!

Public suspicions regarding to Nicole’s cosmetic surgery began when they found her old photos on internet and then they compared to her latest photos. As result they got something unusual appearance on her, she still looks wonderful and young whereas her age has crossed 46 years old.

Nicole Kidman Nose Job Before and After

Judging by before and after photos, we guess that she might have some facial surgery like facelift and facial filler injection as means of anti aging treatments. The sign of her a facelift can be noticed from her face appearance which looks so smooth, tight, and is free from aging signs like wrinkles and saggy or baggy skins. It is very contradiction to other 46 years old women’s face appearance where their face commonly show some aging signs if they do not have some jobs done on their face. There are other signs of cosmetic surgery that can be seen on her face. For example her nose has changed shape and it now looks much better shaped as well as having smaller nostrils. We guess that she possibly has got nose job as well to make her nose look better than before.

Nicole Kidman Boob Job Before and After

Well, if we look carefully at her chest area, she also has some changes on her cups size. Her breast appearance now looks bigger and fuller than she used to. We predict that Nicole Kidman plastic surgery does not only fix on her face but she probably has got boob job as well.

She has openly admitted to having had some Botox injected into her forehead however she has denied that if she the other report of plastic surgery procedures that people say she has had like a facelift,  a rhinoplasty, and breast augmentation. Even though many people considered that she appeared younger and more beautiful than other women in her age but she ensured that she regretted to have such cosmetic surgery because the results did not meet her expectation hence this beautiful actress wished to get her natural forehead back.

Actress Nicole Kidman is not the only Hollywood actress who hides some of her successful plastic surgery procedures but there are many celebrities like Sofia Vergara and Roma Downey also hide their surgery procedures. They are apparently ashamed to admit that their sexy and beautiful appearance is not natural but it was obtained through plastic surgeon’s aids.

In short, with or without aesthetic surgery Nicole Kidman indeed looks so wonderful and sexy. However if she really has been under surgeon’s knife we think that her beauty enhancements surgery were well done. On the contrary if what she has told was true, she might be blessed with good genes so that she could stay amazing in her 46-year-old-age.

What do you think of Nicole Kidman plastic surgery? Did she appear to look natural? Or are there some jobs done on the parts of her body like face, nose, and cups size? Feel free to share your ideas..!