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Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Nicki Minaj Nose Job Before and After

Nicki Minaj plastic surgery becomes most talked topic among celebrity viewers and plastic surgery viewers. This beautiful American rapper reportedly has been under knife so that she still looks so wonderful and sexy in her 30 years old.

Did Nicki Minaj Have Plastic Surgery?

Nicki Minaj plastic surgery issue begins spreading out to be public consumption since she looks bit unnatural. She now has bigger breast, fuller butt, and also different nose. It seems that the rumor of her plastic surgery was true. However, we can not define that her different appearance on the certain parts of her body is obtained through plastic surgeon’s aids. In order to make clear the rumor, let’s see our reviews below..!

Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Before and After

Comparing by Nicki Minaj plastic surgery before and after photos, her nose has certainly changed to be better. Her nose now looks slimmer and well defined at tip whereas she previously had wide nose shape with rounded at tip. To obtain such nose appearance in the short time is only able to be obtained through rhinoplasty surgery. Furthermore, if we see on her cup size, it indeed looks much more different than she used to. Her new bust looks much bigger and fuller; we guess that she could have breast implants so that her cup size can appear in such way. The other sign of her surgical procedures is not only located on her nose and chest area but she also has some changes on her butt that looks bigger and higher. We are sure that she could have butt implant as well to make her but appearance look in such way. In addition, comparing her old face appearance with the latest one, her face skin also looks a bit different. We are afraid if she also has got other plastic surgery procedures like skin bleaching, facelift, and also jaw bone lifts.

After having reviewed before and after pictures above we strongly believe that what people are talking about Nicki Minaj plastic surgery is true. Her latest appearance looks much more different than she used to look in the past. However, we notice that what she has done to the parts of her body is likely a bit overdone because her cup size and butt are too big for her body frame so that it makes this rapper looks bit unnatural.

When this rumor was confirmed to Nicki Minaj, this sexy rapper strongly denied that she has some works done to boost her appearance image. However, although she has denied all the procedures of plastic surgery but before and after pictures comparison can tell to the public that she indeed has got some beauty enhancements.

In short, Nicki Minaj plastic surgery may make her feel satisfied because she looks sexier and more attractive but some people notice that she looks a bit unnatural after being plastic surgeon’s knife.

What do you think? Does she look better or worse after getting some works done? Feel free to share your opinions with us..!