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Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Naya Rivera Nose Job Before and After

Naya Rivera plastic surgery now becomes hot topic discussion among celebrity plastic surgery viewers. This Glee TV series star reportedly has some works done to enhance her appearance as one of famous actress in Hollywood. However the truth of that rumor is still debatable among plastic surgeons.

Did Naya Rivera Really Get Plastic Surgery?

Public suspicions regarding to Naya Rivera plastic surgery rumor was firstly spreading out when some people found something strange on her appearance especially on cups size which look bigger than before. Then they speculate that she has been under knife by comparing before and after photos.

Naya Rivera Plastic Surgery Before and After

Well, if we look at before and after pictures, this beautiful actress who was born on January 12, 1987 indeed looks sexier than before. She now has bigger breast appearance than she used to. We guess that she has been under plastic surgeon’s knife for breast implants but we can not define the reasons why she got such implants on her bust. Some people predict that she feels insecure with her small breast and decided to have boob job to increase her cups size.

On the other hand, if we look carefully at Naya Rivera plastic surgery before and after photos, we also found something strange on her nose shape that looks a bit different than she used to. It now looks well defined, thinner, and sharper at tip. Her new nose shape appearance surely fits to her cute face hence we suppose that she might get nose job (rhinoplasty surgery) to make her nose look in such way. Furthermore, based on before and after images, we also noticed that her lips and cheeks look slightly different. We think that she possibly has gotten some filler injection around her cheek and filler as the result her lips and cheeks look fuller and plumper up.

There are many of her fans as well as plastic surgeons feel regret if she really has plastic surgery. They consider that she is still young and she does not need to be under knife to enhance her appearance because everything can still happen to her. They ensure that she is blessed with natural beauty therefore she does not need to have some aesthetic surgery procedures.

In short, Naya Rivera plastic surgery shows us the secret mystery of plastic surgery. After getting some works done she now looks more mature even though her age is still 27 years old.  And what Rivera has done can be one of the best references for good plastic surgery that has been done by young celebrities. Good job Naya..!