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Natalie Portman Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Natalie Portman plastic surgery now becomes the hottest headlines for some celebrity magazines and forums. She reportedly has got some surgical procedures like filler injection and nose job. However the truth of this rumor is still debated by some of her fans and celebrity viewers.

Natalie Portman Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Natalie Portman Have Plastic Surgery?

Natalie Hershlag, a child name, who was born on June 9, 1981, is best known as a talented actress. Her name became popular when she had a role in action film Leon: The Professional. Thereafter she expanded her talent in various films. Natalie is not only best known as a successful actress whose roles in most watched films, but she is also best known as a beautiful actress. Her beauty even makes some people spellbound. However, her natural beauty is lately being sued by some people and her fans. They suspect if this talented and beautiful actress has been under knife to enhance her appearance. Their suspicions are based on before and after photos spreading on internet. What changes did she have after being under plastic surgeon’s knife?

If we look at Natalie Portman before and after photos, we notice that this nominated Oscar awards actress has obviously changes on her appearance. Let’s see on her nose in the latest picture. Her nose now looks much more defined and thinner than before. We guess that she likely has got a rhinoplasty surgery to refine her wide and round nose shape.

Natalie Portman Nose Job Before and After

The other changes that lead to plastic surgery facts are on her face appearance. Her face skin still looks smooth, sleek, and free from aging signs. We suppose that she does not only have a nose job, but she also could have got some facial cosmetic surgery procedures like Botox injection, fat grafting, and skin laser treatment to grid some wrinkles around her face. Therefore it is not wonder if she now looks ageless even though her age has crossed 32 years old.

Natalie Portman cosmetic surgery rumor is justified and agreed by Dr. Michael Salzhauer. The surgeon revealed that she definitely has got a rhinoplasty surgery and some facial surgery procedures to make her face features look perfect. Nevertheless he noticed all of Natalie surgical treatments were well done so that she can still look natural.

In short, Natalie Hershlag apparently has taken a lot of benefits from her surgery procedures because she now looks perfect. Her wide nose shape now has changed to be thinner and more appropriate for her face frame. Her face skin also always appears smooth, sleek, and free from aging signs. We hope that she can still keep her wonderful appearance naturally without any additional surgical procedures. Good Job Natalie..!