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Naomi Campbell Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Naomi Campbell Nose Job Before and After Photos

It is a fact that Naomi Campbell who was born on May 22, 1970 is a beautiful supermodel. Because of her career as a superstar, many celebrity magazines now like to report her life widely. So, it is no wonder if a rumor about Naomi Campbell cosmetic surgery has been widespread. The pretty black woman is being a subject of being under plastic surgeon’s knife to improve her image. Public suspicions began when some people found her with prominent difference. However, the truth of her surgical procedures is still debatable among celebrity plastic surgery watchers.

Did Naomi Campbell Have Plastic Surgery?

Judging by comparing before after photos, there are indeed some changes on her appearance especially on her face. If we look at the pictures comparison above, she likely has a rhinoplasty surgery. It can be seen from her latest nose shape which looks more pointed and much more defined than she used to. It has to be noted that Naomi previously had wide nose shape but it now has changed. So, we think that Naomi Campbell nose job rumor is in fact true.

Naomi Campbell Breast Implants Before and After

On the other hand, if we look at her body shape, it now looks slimmer than before. we worry if she does not feel enough with her rhinoplasty, and then she decided to get more surgery procedures applied on the other parts of her body. If we look at before and after pictures, her body shape now looks thinner whereas she previously had a bit fat body frame. For the drastic body shape change, we guess that she apparently has got other surgical procedures like liposuction to remove some fats around her stomach and other parts of her body in order to be get ideal weight loss.

The other surgery procedures that she possibly has got are filler injection on her cheeks, and then breast implants. Our suspicions are based on her cheek which looks slightly higher meanwhile her cup size looks fuller and rounder than before. How does the superstar respond to the spreading rumors?

When this famous model was confirmed to make official statements regarding to the rumor, she strongly denies all the spreading rumors. She told that what people suspected to her are just hoax and they are not 100% right. She revealed that her beautiful appearance secrets are as the effect of a healthy diet, regular exercise, and then staying away from the alcohol. She added that she just wanted to take care of her body by avoiding alcohol and working out two hours a day. In the end of the interview, she revealed other secrets of her gorgeous look. She told that besides having healthy lifestyle, she was also blessed with good genes. So, that is why she has owned perfect appearance in natural way.