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Nadya Suleman Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Nadya Suleman Plastic Surgery Before and After

Nadya Suleman is a multitalented woman because she is not only well known as an actress but she is also best known as a model. Her name becomes popular since she gave birth to her six children then eight children. What she has done is really shocking the world especially for medical instutition. If we totlaize, this single mom has fourteen children. But the most unbelieveable is that she still looks sexy and wonderful although she has got fourteen children. Therefore, many people wonder how she can look amazing with her fourteen children. Public guess that she possibly has plastic surgery procedures because it mostly impossible for other women whose children more than ten children to have a sexy and stunning appearance if they do not have some works done.

Did Nadya Suleman Have Plastic Surgery?

Public suspicions concerning with Nadya Suleman plastic surgery rumor were firstly spreading out to the public since she could keep her beautiful appearance even though she has got many children. Her appearance does not look much different with her appearance when she was a single. For that reason, public guess that she possibly has been under surgeon’s knife.

Nadya Suleman Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Well, if we look at before and after plastic surgery pictures, she surely has wonderful appearance though she has got more than two children. She still looks beautiful and sexy therefore public guess that this beautiful actress and model decided to get plastic surgery to enhance her appearance after giving birth her children. She reportedly has had some plastic surgery procedures like nose job (rhinoplasty), lip fillers, tummy tuck, and also laser treatment.

If we look at before after pictures she apparentlty has big nose but her erecent pictures, it appears to be smaller and slimmer with more refined tip. This kind nose shape transformation usually refferes to the result of rhinoplasty. Furthermore, Nadya’s lips likely also have changed especially her upper lip which looks fuller and plumpered up. It is possible that she has got filler inejction there like collagen so that it looks in such way. The most sticking fact that makes public wonder is her stomach appearance in which it looks so smooth as if it is hard to find any scars of giving children birth. Logically,women whose more than two children will loose her body shape but what we see on her appearance, it really looks amazing. Hence some people believe that she has  tummy tuck or liposuction to grid some excess skin and fat around her stomach, hip, arm, and maybe thigh so that she still looks slimmer and gets her sexy frame back. Moreover her skin looks so smooth and tight without any stretch mark. It seems that she also has laser treatment to remove the stretch mark during pregnancy period.

Well, what we see on Nadya Suleman’s appearance seems to be the best example of good plastic surgery because she still looks wonderful and sexy even though she has got fourteen children. However, it does not mean we suggest you to follow her footstep, we always remind you that plastic surgery has two side effects. Firstly, you will get wonderful appearance if the procedures are well done by profesional plastic surgeon. On the contrary, it will be a boomerang for you if the procedures of surgery are not well done by uncertified surgeons. So which one do you prefer?

In conclusion, Nadya Suleman plastic surgery seems to be a fact that if plastic surgery procedures are well done by a profesional and certified surgeons, they will give us a lot of advantages. On the contrary, if they are not well done moreover we do not have any knowledge about this aesthetic surgery , they of course will give us worse appearance even they will ruin our career.

What do you think about Nadya Suleman plastic surgery before and after? Feel free to share your opinions!