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Miranda Kerr Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Miranda Kerr Plastic Surgery Before and After

An Australian model Miranda May Kerr who was born on April 20, 1983 is best known as one of the most beautiful Victoria’s Secret angels. She belongs to the first Australian participating in the campaign of Victoria’s Secret and representing Australian fashion chain also. Most people admire that she is truly perfect with beautiful face and body therefore it is no wonder if she belongs to Victoria’s secret angels. The wife of Orlando Bloom, an English actor in 2010, has been rumored that she has had plastic surgery. Well, talking about celebrity plastic surgery is not able to be separated from what kinds of surgical procedures that they have taken as well as Miranda May Kerr. So, what kinds of cosmetic surgery procedures did she have so that there are many people adore her?

Miranda Kerr Breast Implants Before and After

If we were to look at the Miranda Kerr Plastic surgery before and after photos. She has probably had a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and nose job. Based on photos comparison, it is very clear if she previously had small cup size, but it now changes to be two cups bigger. Although it can happen naturally when women have just given birth to their children, but Miranda’s breasts grow rounder and bigger in a long time. It will be impossible without breast augmentation, won’t it? Some people think that the thin lady having big cup size is uncommon as well as Miranda. The prominent Miranda Kerr cosmetic surgery signs are not only on her breast appearance, but some plastic surgeons suppose that she has done a great job to maintain her naturally figure. Her skin looks smooth with free of stretch marks and any loose skin because she may have had a tummy tuck. As a famous underwear model, she must be perfect in her appearance. And to support her image and her career, the best choice to her is having plastic surgery.

As a professional model, her breast implants must be stubble. By applying implants, her breasts become larger and fuller. Now, we go to her nose. As we see that she has more refined, narrower, and smaller nose than before. Some predict that she may have been under plastic surgeon’s knife for rhinpoplasty surgery as well. Anyway, although she has had plastic surgery to maintain and improve her image and her career, her fans still love her and adore her. They think that she still looks perfect and natural with different nose and bigger breasts.