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Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

It is not a secret anymore that plastic surgery has become the new trend among celebrities in recent years. It seems to be reasonable because most of them are demanded to maintain an attractive and beautiful appearance, regardless of their age. Unfortunately, not all the surgery procedures belonging to celebrities are always well done. The latest news reports that Mickey Rourke has undergone bad experience and appeared unnatural even weird after being under knife. Is that true if he has got plastic surgery gone wrong? Let us see..!

Philip Andre Rourke Jr who was born on September 16, 1952 is best known as a successful American actor and screenwriter. He is also well known as a retired boxer. As a famous actor who has been staring many films, his life style becomes the trendsetter among his fans. So it is not wonder if the news of Mickey Rourke plastic surgery has been spreading out fast.

Mickey Rourke Before and After Plastic Surgery

Some celebrity viewers guess that Rourke becomes one of the victims of bad plastic surgery. Instead of maintaining his attractive and youthful appearance, he just looks weird. In order to make clear the rumor whether cosmetic surgery is the main reason why he now looks much different than he used, let’s see the pictures comparison below.

Based on Mickey Rourke before and after photos, it is very clear that he looks so different than he was young. His eyes appear bruised while his face looks bit swollen as if he does not look as attractive as he was young. Even though he has undergone bad plastic surgery, but he never hides all his surgery procedures. He openly admitted that he had been under plastic surgeon’s knife, but unfortunately his surgery procedures did not meet his expectation.

Judging by his latest face, nose, and eyes appearance, he might get some surgical procedures like facelift, nose job, and eyelid surgery. Mickey Rourke nose now looks bit weird and unnatural. According to the rumors, he toke a rhinoplasty surgery twice to refine his broken nose because of an accident. Unluckily his surgeon made a fatal mistake by overstepping the rhinoplasty surgery boundaries.

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Before and After

On the other hand, if we look at his face skin, it looks so smooth as if it does not have any aging signs. We guess that he has possibly got facelift to eliminate some frown lines and saggy skin from his face. Commonly, 61-year-old-men will have some excessive skins and stress lines around their face, but what we see on Mickey’s face, it appears to look so fresh and tight. Unluckily, such face skin looks unnatural for his age.

In addition, if we compare his eyes with other men’s eyes in his age, it looks totally different. Andre’s eyes now look sharper and brighter than other men’s. Generally men’s eyes in the age of 61’s will show some eyes bag under and upper the eyes. But what we see on his face feature, eyes, they appear wide opened. Looking at Mickey Rourke’s we do believe if this actor has got eyelid surgery to perfect his previous surgery procedures, nose job and facelift.

Nevertheless, it has to be noted that Mickey Rourke’s bad cosmetic surgery is not the only example for plastic surgery gone wrong that belongs to the public figures. There are many actors, male singer, and other male public figures whose the same experience as Rourke’s. They are Billy Crystal, David Cassidy, and Burt Reynolds. Three of them now look unnatural, weird, and even horrible after being under knife.

In short, even though Mickey Rourke’s face features have turned into youthful appearance, but his appearance looks unnatural because most of his surgical procedures are overdone. Consequently he now looks weird even horrible.